Candidates - 2014

On November 4, across the nation and here in the State of Washington, Republican candidates swept to victories.  Below are some highlights; for a summary of the election results in key races across our state, go to
There are now 72 GOP elected officials in the State Legislature (25 in the Senate, 47 in the House).  Of the 147 state legislators, 73 are either in the House GOP Caucus or the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus, as opposed to 74 who are in either the Democratic House or Senate Caucus.
We flipped four State House seats, and one State Senate seat (Mark Miloscia in the 30th LD), from Democrat to Republican.  We did not lose a single seat the other way.  With Miloscia’s election, Republicans now have an outright majority in the State Senate.  
The four Republican pickups in the House were Lynda Wilson (17th LD), Melanie Stambaugh (25th LD), Michelle Caldier (26th LD), and Dan Griffey (35th LD).
Five women were elected to the State House - Wilson, Stambaugh, and Caldier were joined by Gina McCabe (14th LD) and Luanne Van Werven (42nd LD).  There will now be twenty GOP women serving in Olympia (twelve in the House, eight in the Senate).  
Of the 59 GOP candidates who won election or re-election to the State Legislature, most of our candidates (32 of 59) did so with 60% or more of the vote.  And all three of our congressional incumbents – Jaime Herrera Beutler, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Dave Reichert – were also returned to office with 60% or more of the vote.