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1,906 New Team Leaders!

Despite the current situation, we’re continuing the fight against Jay Inslee, Bob Ferguson, and the fellow Democrats who have shown where their priorities are – forcing their awful comprehensive sex education curriculum into schools across the state, reducing the penalty for intentionally spreading HIV, and we’re still waiting for some progress on $30 car tabs.  We haven’t eased up our efforts at all during our shift to digital operations and just this past week alone we’ve brought on 1,096 new Team Leaders across the state.

That’s 1,096 new teams ready to make calls, talk to voters, and guarantee a strong Republican showing for President Trump and every other Republican on the ticket, but first they need intensive training before they can be deployed in the field.

We’ve ran the numbers and it takes about $5 to train each Team Leader to get them ready for the hard work ahead.We need your help to reach our goal of $5,480 to train our 1,096 new Team Leaders by the end of April.

If 1,096 supporters pitched in $5 today, we would hit our goaland train every new team by the end of April. Pitch in $10 and that’s two teams trained. $100 for 20 teams trained and so on.

Our volunteers and activists haven’t missed a beat. They are dedicated to keep up the momentum, making thousands of phone calls each week, so help us meet our goal today!