King County Voters Decisively Reject Tax Increase – The Push Back Begins!

BELLEVUE, WA — WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement today with regard to the defeat of King County Proposition 1:

The people of King County have delivered a strong rebuke to the advocates of big government, high taxes, and wasteful spending.  This is a major turning point in the political battle – the beginning of the end of the progressive stranglehold.

Initial results show a decisive 55% to 45% margin, rejecting a tax increase that would have poured more money down the drain of the inefficient and mismanaged King County Metro Transit bus system.

Proposition 1, supported by Democratic Party politicians and their special interest cronies who run the unions, and other opponents of transportation reform, went down in defeat despite its supporters outraising the grassroots opposition by $654,922 to $7,700.

Previously, the Democratic Party machine has considered King County as “deep blue” and thus susceptible to progressive propaganda and liberal scare tactics.  Not this time – not even in King County!  The people of King County have sent a warning shot across the bow of the progressive tax-and-spend ship of Washington State.  The push back battle begins!

Male Democrats – From Inslee To Habib – Push Women To The Curb

(UPDATE – April 21 at 2:00 pm:  He went ahead and did it! Democrat State Representative Cyrus Habib has joined a long list of male Democrats who have pushed their female counterparts to the curb.)

Obamacare Numbers Leave Questions Unanswered – Many Washingtonians Prepare To Pay Obamacare Tax

The following press release was issued by the Washington State Republican Party on April 2, 2014:

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