An Important Message To Union Members On Labor Day!

Labor Day message from Washington State Republican Party Chairman Susan Hutchison

I am reaching out to you because you are very important voters this November.  Did you know that 46% of union members voted for Rob McKenna, the 2012 Republican candidate for governor?  Yet union bosses spent more than $5 million dollars campaigning for Jay Inslee.  Is it fair that almost half of union members voted Republican, but almost all the money taken from your paychecks went to nullify that vote?

As union members, you are not automatons that fall into lockstep with highly paid union bosses.  You have families and care about your children’s education. You already pay enough taxes, and you don’t want the Democrats to impose a state income tax.  You commute to work and don’t want to spend up to $1 a gallon more for gasoline to satisfy a San Francisco billionaire donor’s extreme environmentalist demands.  You understand that overreach by the Democrats means a steady loss of freedom, from gun ownership, to healthcare choices, to job opportunities.

This Labor Day, I want to assure you that you have a place in the Republican Party.  I was a union member for 25 years.  I have even been on strike and walked a picket line.  I understand the historic importance of unions.  But I also know that Republicans are fighting for the causes that are important to union members:  jobs, education, healthcare choice, transportation, reasonable taxes, gun rights, and a strong national defense.

As you celebrate Labor Day on Monday, remember that Republicans honor labor because work gives all of us dignity and hope for the future.

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Introducing A New Website For Republican Grassroots Activists….

Attention PCOs and Grassroots Activists!  You now have a new tool to help you be an effective grassroots campaigner. The Washington State Republican Party has launched a new training website to help you elect Republican candidates.

The new website – www.GOPeakTeam.coMm – includes training videos and other resources covering voter outreach, the duties and responsibilities of PCOs, doorbelling strategies, identifying voters, and how to use the latest mobile app technology to spread the Republican message.

Building upon our successful primary results, we encourage you to check out and join the team.  To view the new website, click on the image below:




California billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer is planning to spend heavily on behalf of Democratic candidates in Washington state.  That’s one more big reason to make sure you and all your Republican friends vote in the primary.

According to a report in The Olympian, Steyer’s national organization, NextGen Climate, “has its eye on the Washington state Senate, where Democrats are two seats short of a majority. Without Senate control, Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee is unlikely to have much success next year pushing for a cap-and-trade system and other actions to curb carbon emissions.”

All ballots postmarked today (August 5) count!  If our candidates show strength in the primary, the California billionaire will be blocked in his effort to help Inslee and buy the election for the Democrats.  Stop Tom Steyer by helping our candidates win big!

VOTE!  To see the list of Republican candidates for Congress, State Senate, and State House, go

We need your help the WSRP elect Republican candidates at every level of government!


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#IVoteRepublican Video Contest: What’s Your Story?

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Even if you are not selected as a finalist, your video still gets exposure through #IVoteRepublican on Facebook and Twitter and we might post it to the WSRP Website!

Here (below) are three sample amateur videos and (on the right) two finished professional videos:




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