Christmas Message From The Washington State Republican Party

As you and your family gather this holiday, we hope you will watch this moving tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce of 1914 – click on the image below or go to 

The true-life event began with a song, Silent Night, known and beloved the world over.  This Christmas, may you have a song in your heart!

Wishing you heavenly peace this holiday season.

Chairman Susan Hutchison and the Staff at the Washington State Republican Party



Report On 2014 WSRP Annual Dinner

The WSRP Annual Dinner, held December 17 in Bellevue, was a roaring success.  RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison helped us all celebrate the GOP election victories of 2014.

The program began by honoring the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism in Eastern Europe with an excerpt from “1989: Year of Miracles.”  You can watch this moving 12-minute video here.  Fittingly, Federal Way City Councilman Martin Moore, born in communist Bulgaria and adopted by Americans as a child in 1992, led us in  the Pledge of Allegiance.

Recognizing both Hanukkah and Christmas, invocations were given by Rabbi Chaim Levine, who leads “Hope for Heroes,” and Nancy Cahill, volunteer chaplain for the WNBA Seattle Storm.

Throughout the evening, WSRP videos were played and greeted with loud applause.  You can view these three videos on the WSRP website home page –

DSC_0156 The spotlight was on 30 Republican State Senators and Representatives, who were cheered when they were introduced from the stage.

DSC_0210 Congratulations to Bellevue community leader Kemper Freeman, Jr., who was honored with the WSRP Courage Award for “brave commitment and service on behalf of conservative policies which improve the lives of our citizens.”

DSC_0222 In his keynote address, Chairman Priebus said we are in a “battle for freedom.” The 2014 GOP landslide, Priebus said, was not just a rejection of President Obama, but also represented “an acceptance of Republican conservative reformer policies.”  Nationwide, more Republicans were elected in 2014 than at any time nearly a century.

The evening was ably hosted by celebrity emcee and former five-term congressman George Nethercutt.

RNC Open Letter To Cinema Executives Regarding “The Interview”

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 21 – Republican National Committee Chairman (RNC) Reince Priebus issued the following letter to Cinema executives regarding the cancellation of The Interview:

Dear Cinema Executives:

I’m writing regarding the recent cancellation of the release of The Interview. Like many Americans, I’m deeply concerned that we would allow a foreign regime to dictate the movies we can and cannot watch.

As you know, the Republican Party and Hollywood have at times been at odds. But we can all agree that the current situation regarding the release of The Interview goes far beyond politics. It is about freedom and free enterprise.

Giving in to threats from the North Korean dictatorship is ceding our freedom to the whims of a totalitarian regime. We are setting a troubling example and a terrible precedent. Today, we’re talking about the movie industry. Tomorrow, we could be talking about energy, manufacturing, publishing, or even small businesses.

While the president has sent mixed messages on this issue, I want to speak clearly on behalf of the Republican Party: I urge you to show the movie.

As a sign of my commitment, if you agree to show this movie, I will send a note to the Republican Party’s millions of donors and supporters urging them to buy a ticket—not to support one movie or Hollywood, but to show North Korea we cannot be bullied into giving up our freedom.

Because this is now bigger than one movie, I would suggest to you and to Sony Pictures that a share of the profits be donated to the USO or the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Entertainment is one of America’s great exports and a major part of our domestic economy. Like you, I want to continue to see the industry thrive for the sake of economic growth, job creation, and freedom of expression.


Reince Priebus
Chairman, Republican National Committee


Register TODAY For The December 17 WSRP Annual Dinner

Less than one week to go!  Register TODAY for the December 17 WSRP “Rhapsody in Red” Annual Dinner!

* With keynote speaker RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

* Celebrity emcee George Nethercutt

* Celebrate our winning 2014 candidates – and prepare for more victories in 2015 and 2016!

* And the First Annual WSRP Courage Award which honors brave commitment and service on behalf of conservative policies which improve the lives of our citizens!

REGISTER NOW!  Wednesday night December 17 at the Bellevue Hyatt!

Chairman Priebus will be speaking on the GOP’s plans to win in 2016.  His highly acclaimed speech this fall defined the GOP’s “Principles for American Renewal.”  In an excellent and timely presentation of what the Republican Party stands FOR, he covered our party’s key guiding values in eleven areas: CONSTITUTION, ECONOMY, BUDGET, HEALTHCARE, VETERANS, SECURITY, EDUCATION, POVERTY, VALUES, ENERGY, and IMMIGRATION.  Read more about the GOP’s Principles for American Renewal at

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