GOP Releases Responsible, Reasonable Budget    

BELLEVUE, WA, March 31 – Susan Hutchison, the Chair of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement today:

“In Olympia this afternoon, Senate Republicans released their budget proposal for 2015-2017.

“The Senate plan balances the budget, and covers human services, without raising taxes, and without any new taxes.  Revenue is projected to increase by $3 billion over the next two years, so there is no need to raise taxes.

“The Senate budget satisfies McCleary and fully funds education.

“The Senate plan helps working families by reducing college tuition, making our state’s college students a priority.

“This Republican plan is a sharp contrast to the plan unveiled by House Democrats last week.  The Democrats propose to increase spending by 15% – a total of $5.2 billion!  And they propose a huge tax increase – $1.5 billion in new and increased taxes.  Moreover, the Democrats propose elimination of the state spending limit, creating an unsustainable budget.”

House Democrat Budget: A Three-Legged Stool Of Taxes, Spending, And More Debt  

BELLEVUE, WA, March 27 – Susan Hutchison, the Chair of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement today:

“The Democrats’ budget is a dangerous three-legged stool – of high taxes, irresponsible spending and more debt.

“The Democrats propose to increase spending by 15% – a total of $5.2 billion!  And they propose a huge tax increase – $1.5 billion in new and increased taxes.  Moreover, the Democrats propose elimination of the state spending limit, creating an unsustainable budget.

“As Rep. Bruce Chandler says, ‘Raising taxes is the exact opposite message we’re hearing from our struggling families and employers back home.’

“And as Sen. Andy Hill says, ‘Voters have made it clear they want state government to live within its means, not repeatedly ask for more money…It would be irresponsible to send a budget to the Senate that does not balance….’

“A rickety stool like this is dangerous for Washington State.   If we put the weight of our state’s future on this three legged stool our state will topple and exclaim ‘we’ve fallen and we can’t get up!’”

Results Of Survey: Which Hillary Clinton Scandal Is The Worst?

We usually conduct surveys about the very strong field of potential Republican presidential candidates.  But it’s good to know about our political opponents as well, so we recently conducted a survey about Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton.  Of all her scandals and policy failures, which one is the worst?  Which one harms Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects the most?  The results of this survey are listed below.

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Which Hillary Clinton scandal or policy failure most disqualifies her to be president?

Benghazi – security failure – 15%
Email secrecy to avoid accountability – 14%
Benghazi – blaming attack on a video – 10%
Foreign Donations to Clinton Foundation – 9%
Whitewater – 4%
Claiming to be “dead broke” – 3%
Travelgate – 3%
All of the above – 35%
Other – 7%

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Democrat State Auditor Troy Kelley Should Step Down    

UPDATE, March 24 – To sign our petition demanding that State Auditor Kelley step down, CLICK HERE.

BELLEVUE, WA, March 19 – The Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, Susan Hutchison, released the following statement:

“Democratic State Auditor Troy Kelley, under investigation by the IRS, should step down immediately until allegations have been cleared connecting him to income tax evasion, fraud, theft, financial abuse, laundering money in Belize and misappropriation of $3.8 million in funds from a former client.  Earlier this week Federal agents, with subpoenas in hand, searched Kelley’s home for five hours.  We await their findings. [1][2]

“As State Auditor, Kelley is responsible for finding and preventing waste, fraud, and abuse in state government.  The position requires the highest standards of honesty and integrity.  The citizens of this state are not served when the character of the State Auditor is called into question.  Allegations of wrong doing occurred during his election in 2012, and have been affirmed by the media and now the federal government. [3][4][5]  If Kelley does not immediately step down, Democrat Governor Inslee should do the right thing and demand Kelley’s resignation.

“This story brings to mind recent corruption charges against Democratic governor John Kitzhaber of Oregon and Washington’s Democrat Lt. Governor Brad Owen, fined for ethics violations.  Former Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag, who served for 20 years (5 terms) with a reputation above reproach, was dismissed from the Democratic Party soon after he retired for becoming the senior fellow for Government Accountability at a think tank.”

[1] “Federal Agents Search State Auditor’s House,” Seattle Times, 3/18/15
[2] “Federal Agents Search Serve Search Warrant at State Auditor Troy Kelley’s Home,”
[3] “Auditor hopefule Kelley charged with theft, mismanagement,” Olympia Report, 9/7/12
[4] “Troy Kelley Settles Misconduct Case,” Seattle Times, 9/6/12
[5] “James Watkins Unloads Accusations on Troy Kelley,” Tacoma News Tribune, 9/6/12

GOP-Led State Senate Passes Tuition Reduction Bill!

Olympia, March 12 – Thanks to the Republican majority in the State Senate, and despite opposition from half of the Democratic Senators, a tuition reduction bill passed by majority vote yesterday.  Known as the College Affordability Program (SB5954), the bill would reduce tuition by as much as 30% percent.

Thanks to the 2014 elections, the outright Republican majority in the State Senate put us in a strong position to advance the positive Republican agenda of opportunity, reform, economic growth, and fiscal responsibility.  To help elect even more Republican legislators in 2015 and 2016, and to elect a Republican governor in 2016, please click here to donate $25, $50, $100, or more.

In an unsuccessful effort to block tuition reduction, many Democratic Senators voted against the bill, agreeing with Senator Rosemary McAuliffe (Democrat-1st LD) who argued, “I urge you to reject any bill which would reduce tuition.”

“We’ve had years of underinvestment in higher education … this is a long-term policy solution that middle-class families in our state deserve,” said Senator John Braun (R-20th LD), who sponsored the bill along with Senator Barbara Bailey (R-10th LD).  “By passing this bill we are sending a message that students are a top priority by making college affordable in our state,” said Bailey.

Let’s build upon the momentum of the Republican victories in 2014!  To block the agenda of the Democratic Party machine, and to elect more Republicans in 2016, please click here to donate $25, $50, $100, or more.

State Senate Passes Energy Bill To Promote Job Creation, Keep Electricity Costs Low  

OLYMPIA, March 10 – Last night, the State Senate passed an energy bill that will promote job creation, block steep increases in the cost of electricity, and (for the first time) launch a sound and practical program to reduce carbon emissions statewide.  The bill, SB5735, passed by a vote of 26 to 23, thanks to the GOP majority in the State Senate.

“We can achieve big results, here and now, today – by making modest changes to our state’s renewable-energy law,” said State Senator Doug Ericksen (R-42nd LD).  “We can keep power costs low, encourage the creation of new manufacturing jobs, and achieve the additional benefit of reducing carbon emissions across the state. A clean environment doesn’t have to cause wrenching problems for our state economy or impose punitive taxes on the people of Washington. This doesn’t cost Washington a penny more than it already is spending – it might even cost less.”

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