Without A Doubt, It’s Time For Inslee To Replace Kelley!

BELLEVUE, WA, April 30 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement: Without a doubt, it is time for Governor Inslee to replace Troy Kelley. No elected official can take an indefinite leave of absence, with or without pay, abandoning their job.  In this case, the voters are being deprived of their right to have an elected State Auditor on the job.  Job abandonment is, in effect, a resignation – and Inslee should accept Kelley’s resignation! Here are the actions being taken by the WSRP and Republican legislators to address this travesty:

  • Attached is a copy of a 45 Day Citizen Action letter … sent by the WSRP to Attorney General Ferguson, demanding that he take action against Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley for violating campaign finance laws in his 2012 campaign.
  • We were the first to call for Kelley to resign.  As I said in my April 16 press release, “If he chooses not to resign immediately, the legislature should introduce articles of impeachment.”
  • HB2249, the bill being promoted by Representatives Stokesbary and MacEwen, which would consider an elected office vacant if the officeholder takes a declared leave of absence for reasons other than health or military duty, should quickly be approved by the House and Senate, and signed into law by the Governor.

Right now, Governor Inslee and the Democrats are stalling.  Instead, the Governor should name Kelley’s temporary replacement immediately – ahead of candidate filing week – so that the voters have a chance to elect a new State Auditor in November 2015.

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Great Candidate

What’s the hottest race in the 2015 election?  Meet Teri Hickel – Federal Way’s answer to the WEA union’s hand-picked appointee.



Teri Hickel is running for State Representative in this year’s special election in the 30th Legislative District.  Teri is a community leader in Federal Way, with a special dedication to children and education.  Her victory would take us one step closer to running the State House!  If the GOP had the majority in the State House, we would already have a balanced budget with no new taxes – without any need for a special legislative session.

Please CLICK HERE to give $10, $25, $50 or more today to help us elect Teri Hickel – a special election victory by Teri would bring us one step closer to removing Frank Chopp as Speaker!  

In the State Senate, we’ve already seen what can be accomplished with a Republican majority.  The Senate has passed a “no new taxes” budget plan that fully funds education, protects the most vulnerable, and reduces the cost of college tuition.

But Jay Inslee and Frank Chopp want to impose a massive tax increase on the people of Washington.  The pro-Democrat special interests used the four day break before the special legislative session  to raise money for the Democrat candidate running against Teri Hickel.

Please CLICK HERE to donate $10, $25, $50 or more to help us elect Teri Hickel to advance the positive Republican agenda of fiscal responsibility, fully funding education, job creation, and transportation reform.

Thousands Call Inslee To Oppose His Tax Increase Plan    

BELLEVUE, WA, April 27 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

Over the past two weeks, due to an extensive effort via social media and phone calls by the state GOP, more than 7,500 voters called the Governor Inslee’s office to say “NO” to his proposal for a gigantic tax increase — the largest in our state’s history!

The State Senate has already passed a budget that fully funds education without raising taxes.  But the Democrats in the House won’t even vote to pass their tax-and-spend budget, so we have now been forced into a special legislative session — with the tab to be picked up by the taxpayers.

Jay Inslee’s left-wing agenda, is bad news for families, students, seniors, and all taxpayers.  And now, Inslee and the Democrats – controlled by the Seattle tax-and-spend liberal – are threatening to shut down state government if they don’t get the massive tax increase they need to pay off their political friends.

Citizens who called Inslee’s office reported being treated rudely, abruptly, and unprofessionally, being put on hold for long periods of time, and even being hung up on.  But the thousands of calls that were made showed the determination and outrage of taxpayers.  Throughout the special legislative session, we stand with those taxpayers.  We will keep the pressure on in the fight to block Inslee’s tax increase plans.

Call Inslee To Oppose His Tax Increase Plan    

April 20 – Message from WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison – please share with your friends and urge them to call Governor Inslee too.

“I live in Seattle, so I know Seattle-style politics – it means high taxes.  And Seattle controls Governor Inslee.

“So in Olympia right now, Jay Inslee is holding the state hostage.  He wants you to pay more taxes – and he has asneaky plan to impose a state income tax.

“Republicans in the State Senate have already passed a new budget that fully funds education without raising taxes!  But Inslee wants to raise taxes to pay off his political friends (as usual!).  Inslee has actually told us to ‘buck up’ and pay up.

“Join the thousands who have called the Governor to oppose his tax increase plan.  To call the Governor’s office and tell him you don’t want more taxes, call (360) 902-4111.

“It’s time to tell Inslee to ‘buck up’ for the taxpayers – not the Seattle tax-and-spend liberals.”

Indicted Democrat Auditor Kelley Must Resign!    

BELLEVUE, April 16 – Susan Hutchison, Chair of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

“Democrat State Auditor Troy Kelley has been indicted for tax evasion, filing false tax returns, false declarations, obstruction, and possession of stolen property.  He must resign immediately.  We were the first to call upon Kelley to resign many weeks ago when it became clear that the investigation into his financial dealings would harm the reputation of the office.  If he chooses not to resign immediately, the legislature should introduce articles of impeachment.  The position of Auditor is responsible for holding individuals and entities in government accountable for their financial management.  It is imperative that Kelley resign immediately in order to restore trust in state government.”

To sign our petition demanding that State Auditor Kelley resign, CLICK HERE.

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More Voices Say State Auditor Troy Kelley Should Resign    

BELLEVUE, WA, April 6 – Susan Hutchison, the Chair of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement today:

When Federal agents raided Democrat State Auditor Troy Kelley’s home and office last month, I was the first to say Kelley should step down.  But now, seven newspapers have also called upon Kelley to either resign or take a leave.  Even the editors of the Seattle Times, who endorsed Kelley in 2012, now say “State Auditor Troy Kelley Must Resign.”

As questions grow, and the public demands answers,  Kelley has refused to be accountable. But as Auditor, he holds every government entity accountable for how it spends our state’s $34 billion budget!  The alarming pattern of misconduct in his own business dealings undermines the integrity of the office he holds.

The Seattle Times has recommended former Auditor Brian Sonntag as an “excellent choice” for a temporary replacement.  Sonntag came into office 22 years ago, long before the far left controlled the Democratic party as it does today.  It’s highly unlikely that Gov. Inslee would appoint this former Democrat today.  Read why here.

Happy Easter And Passover

April 3, 2015 – Today is Good Friday and at sundown the beginning of Passover.  To all our friends and supporters who celebrate the historic events which hold spiritual and eternal significance, we wish you a blessed holiday with family and friends.  Sunday’s celebration of Easter reminds us of resurrection, rebirth and renewal.  With the recent loss a few weeks ago of my beloved father, I thank God that we have the hope that Easter offers to all.  Blessings to you.

Susan Hutchison,
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

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