GOP Files Complaint Against Inslee’s Campaign Violations

BELLEVUE, WA, May 27 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

Jay Inslee’s re-election campaign committee has repeatedly violated Public Disclosure Commission rules. Inslee has used his campaign funds for grassroots lobbying in support of his big government agenda.  Therefore, the WSRP has filed a 45-day Citizen Action Letter complaint today with the Attorney General’s office (see attached file).

The complaint we’ve filed asks Attorney General Ferguson to investigate Inslee’s improper use of campaign funds to advance his left-wing agenda.

The 45-day letter shows how Inslee, in violation of campaign finance laws, used his campaign’s email lists and website to lobby people to support his legislative agenda. RCW Chapter 42.17A prohibits the use of campaign funds for any purpose other than the candidate’s election. Clearly, Inslee’s actions were issue advocacy, not for his own election.

Jay Inslee has taken a hyper-partisan approach during the legislative session, proposing the largest tax increase in our state’s history.  Our legislature is on the verge of a second special session because of the Governor’s confrontational approach and D.C.-style effort to jam through his record-setting tax hikes.  Jay Inslee decided to break the rules to try and get his way.

Now it’s up to Attorney General Ferguson.  The taxpayers of our state deserve an investigation of Inslee’s illegal behavior.

Lest We Forget    

BELLEVUE, WA, May 24 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

On Memorial Day, observed Monday, May 25, 2015, we honor all those who died while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.  How can we remember those who have sacrificed on our behalf?  Here are some ideas – send us yours:

* Fly an American Flag.
* Visit a National Memorial Cemetery – walk among and read the headstones.
* Walk thru the Garden of Remembrance at Benaroya Hall in Seattle and read letters sent home from the wars.
* Call, send a note, or post on Facebook to a family that has lost a loved one in service to the country.
* Pray for the safety of all our military men and women stationed around the world.
* Read the Gettysburg Address with your children.
* Enjoy your gatherings with family and friends, reminding one another that we live in peace because of those who went to war.

“What solemn pride must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Teachers Should Teach Their Union A Lesson    

BELLEVUE, WA, May 17 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

To our School Teachers:

With WEA one-day strikes scheduled throughout the state, I appeal to you to defy your union, and go to work to teach our children.  The WEA is using your jobs to build its $millions in political funds to defeat the people who, like you, are working for student success.  Consider this:

•         This year’s Republican budget provides the highest education funding in state history and fully fundsMcCleary.
•         Most teachers get a pay raise from the state every year.  In addition, this year’s Republican budget gives all teachers a COLA of 3%. Republicans would like to add merit raises, but the WEA won’t let us.
•         The WEA requires you to pay huge healthcare premiums to the WEA, when all other public employees pay half as much and receive excellent medical coverage.  Why does your union make you pay twice as much for WEA healthcare? — because the WEA gets a huge profit off of your premiums!   Republicans are working to get you the same healthcare choice as all other state employees.
•         The money your union collects from your paycheck every month is used to defeat education reform, to increase taxes (including yours!), and to force you to be a union member.

When I first started my career, I was in a union and even went on strike.  I walked a picket line for weeks.  I assure you:

•         If the WEA were striking because 23% of ALL kids, 33% of Hispanics and 44% of African-American males never graduate — I’d walk with you!
•         If the WEA were striking because half of our education budget goes to bureaucracy instead of teachers and students, I’d walk with you!
•         If the WEA were striking because good teachers are denied a chance to excel, I’d walk with you!

But the WEA prevents positive change.  The average teacher’s salary is $60k, but Kim Mead and other WEA leadership make 4 times that much — off of you!

My two sons went K-12 to Seattle Public Schools.  We love teachers and support your devotion to teaching.  So teach the WEA a lesson and reject their strike!  Go to your classrooms and do what you do better than anyone — teach our children!

Be sure to forward this to teachers across the state!

Democrats Endorse Socialist Candidate    

The Democratic Party is so far left, many of its leaders have endorsed Kshama Sawant of the Socialist Alternative Party in her city council re-election campaign.  Among her Democrat endorsers are King County Councilman Larry Gossett, State Senator Pramila Jayapal, and former State Senator Adam Kline.[1]  These Washington State Democrats are comfortable with Sawant’s support of job-killing high taxes, anti-police rhetoric, and government takeover of the Boeing Company!

Seattle’s Democrat machine controls the state Democrats at all levels.  Their extreme leftist agenda is out of line with the values of Washington voters.  Please help us defeat the Democrats and their far left policies by donating $25, $50, $100 or more to the Washington State Republican Party.

Sawant’s Socialist Alternative Party is affiliated with the London-based international Marxist network known as the “Committee for a Workers’ International,” which has affiliates in dozens of countries.[2]  Yet Gossett says “we are extremely fortunate to have Kshama Sawant on our Seattle City Council,” and Jayapal says the Socialist city councilmember is “a powerful and unwavering progressive voice.”[3]

Seattle Democrat activist Jeanne Legault says that the Democratic Party needs to include “the Socialist Party…because we are all on the same side.”[4]  In 2015, Governor Inslee and the Democrats are pushing for the largest tax increase in our state’s history.  Please make a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to help elect Republican candidates across the state, and to block the Democrats’ extremist agenda.

[1] – Committee for a Workers International
[2] – Jeanne Legault quoted by KUOW

State GOP Makes History, Quickly Filling 9th LD Vacancy    

BELLEVUE, WA, May 8 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

History was made this week as Republicans filled the State Representative vacancy in the 9th Legislative District.

The vacancy occurred last Friday, and on Wednesday, 42 Republican PCOs from Adams, Asotin, Franklin, Garfield, Spokane, and Whitman counties voted to qualify three candidates. Yesterday, the WSRP Executive Board ratified the process, and this afternoon the County Commissioners of the six counties filled the vacancy, appointing Mary Dye of Pomeroy, the State Committeewoman for the Garfield County GOP, to be the new State Representative for the 9th LD.  The cooperation shown by all to meet the urgent need for representation in the 9th LD in just one week is unprecedented.

After an ethics probe, the incumbent took responsibility and resigned immediately.  Republicans acted quickly and with respect for the voters.  The vacancy was filled in just one week, in time for the new State House member to represent the voters of the 9th LD, and to participate in the special session of the legislature.

What a sharp contrast to Governor Inslee and the Democrats! Democrat State Auditor Troy Kelley has abandoned his job, but Inslee is stalling for time and dragging his feet – instead of appointing Kelley’s replacement and allowing the voters to elect a new State Auditor in November.  House Democrats could vote to impeach, but seem to be unconcerned with restoring the public trust in the Auditor’s office.

Once again, Republicans call on the Democrats to show the leadership required and allow the position of Auditor to be open for filing week so that the democratic process may proceed.

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