Inslee: One Of The Most Far Left Governors In America

Jay Inslee’s policies are too extreme for the state of Washington.

A report released this week ranks all the governors in the country from most liberal to most conservative.  Jay Inslee ranks as the second most liberal governor of the nation’s fifty governors, according to, a research website with information on politicians, elections, and government spending.  [1]

Even when compared to his fellow Democrat governors, Inslee is on the extreme.  Inslee is more liberal than New York’s Andrew Cuomo, and he’s more liberal than California’s Jerry Brown! [1][2]

When it comes his “overall ideology,” the report rates Inslee as “far more liberal than the average Democratic governor.” [2]

It’s time to defeat Inslee and elect a Republican governor in 2016!


Elway Poll: Inslee Is Unpopular, Vulnerable

BELLEVUE, WA, July 29 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

“Voters are rejecting his extreme agenda of tax increases in favor of the Republican policies of funding education and reducing tuition without raising taxes.

“At this early stage, a generic Republican gets 25% of those polled, while Inslee only gets 30% – and this in a poll with a 4.5% margin of error!  The nameless, faceless Republican is practically tied with Inslee!

“Inslee’s disapproval rating keeps getting worse, and is now 55% –  and only 17% of independents are inclined to vote for Inslee.

“All this is great news for the Republican Party.”

Inslee Lied Repeatedly In Emails

BELLEVUE, WA, July 22 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

Tomorrow, when the PDC hears a complaint against Governor Inslee and his campaign, the commissioners will be presented with a startling admission from Inslee’s lawyer.  With Inslee facing charges of unethical behavior, his lawyer’s response has been to admit that Inslee lied to his own supporters in the many emails he sent them during the legislative session.

Governor Inslee should be held accountable for illegally using campaign funds, and for lying to voters.

The hearing is the result of a “45-day letter” I filed in May, which requires a prompt response from the state Attorney General and the PDC.  In that letter, I alleged two violations by Inslee and his campaign for a series of emails sent to his supporters from December to May:

#1: That Inslee illegally spent campaign funds for personal use, as the emails were intended to advance his legislative agenda and not solely for campaign purposes as required by law, and

#2: That Inslee did not report his grassroots lobbying activities on behalf of his legislative agenda, as required for all who spend above a certain threshold advocating for pieces of legislation, .

Clearly, Inslee was unethically using his campaign resources not for re-election, but to advocate for support of his liberal agenda (state income tax on capital gains; raising energy prices with a cap-and-trade program).  Over and over he pleaded for his friends to sign petitions of support to help him try to persuade legislators that the public was behind him.  But Inslee’s attorney, Kevin Hamilton, filed the following statement with the PDC, admitting that Inslee’s campaign did not do anything with those signatures except to enter them into a data base:

“To the extent that individuals who received the communications responded, the names and contact information of such individuals were entered into the campaign’s campaign contact data base. The campaign did not use the responses to present a petition or similar message to state legislators. None of the names of the responding individuals were presented to state legislative officials, nor were the state legislative officials informed of the responses in any other way.”

The entire report, including copies of the multiple email appeals sent by Inslee’s campaigns, and Hamilton’s response letters, are available online – CLICK HERE  The PDC meeting begins at 9:30 on Thursday, July 23, at 711 Capitol Way, Room 206, in Olympia.  The enforcement actions to be discussed, including the report on the Inslee, are scheduled to be heard starting at 1:30 pm.

Call Cantwell And Murray: Tell Them To Block Obama’s Iran Deal

Call Senator Cantwell and Senator Murray NOW (see phone numbers below) – and tell them to vote to block Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

President Obama’s deal with Iran weakens our national security, clears a path for Iran to get nuclear weapons, and gives them $billions to finance terrorism.  And the deal endangers Israel, our closest ally in the Mideast.  Read more:click here

Republican Senators are united in opposition to this disastrous agreement, but Democratic Senators are divided – and every vote counts.  Congress now has sixty days to vote to stop the deal.

To call Senator Cantwell: (206) 220-6400
To call Senator Murray: (206) 553-5545

No nukes for the Iranian terrorist state!

Inslee Can’t Handle The Truth!

BELLEVUE, WA, July 15 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

Governor Inslee is lashing out at the media for accurately reporting on the budget agreement.  When even traditional Democratic allies at the Seattle Times report on the success of the GOP, the Governor is playing the sore loser today with three tweets chiding the press for simply reporting the obvious facts.  This is what he objects to:

Inslee’s carbon tax? – NO!
Inslee’s capital gains income tax? – NO!
Inslee’s record $1.5 billion tax increase? – NO!

Republican budget with no new taxes? – YES!
Republican budget that cuts tuition for higher education? – YES!
Republican budget that fully funds education without raising taxes? – YES!

Governor Inslee has already shown that he is the Governor who can’t govern.  And now, we see that he is the Governor who can’t accept that the people of Washington were the big winners this year in Olympia.  He should accept the defeat of his left wing agenda graciously.

Winning: Changing Our State From Blue To Red

Bellevue, WA – July 12, 2015 – The Washington State Republican Party issued the following message today:

Thanks to your support, we are changing the face of politics in our state!  After decades of Democrat control, the tide is turning.  Read what Reince Priebus says to us (image below).

In the 2014 cycle, we flipped six legislative seats to Republican, while the Democrats flipped none to their side.  The result: the GOP-led Senate and our House Republicans achieved victory in the battle over the state budget.  And Governor Inslee’s largest tax increase in state history was rejected.  The people of Washington State won this round.

Now your support is crucial as we work to elect a Republican governor and Republican president in 2016.  Please donate $25, $50, $100 or more to continue the victories!


The Democrat machine better get used to losing – thanks to you!  Please donate $25, $50, $100 or more to help us stay on the offensive and working for victory in 2016!

To read Susan Hutchison’s letter to Governor Inslee, mentioned by Chairman Priebus in his letter, click here.

Citizen Army Impacts Olympia Outcome

BELLEVUE, WA, July 10 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following message:

Dear common sense supporters,

Congratulations!  After three special sessions, and thanks to your activism and support, we have a historic victory in Olympia!  Please watch my video thank you by clicking on the image below:


Declaration Of Independence

Dear Friends,

As the 4th of July weekend approaches, the Washington State Republican Party wants to wish you a happy holiday with family and friends.  For a memorable activity, we encourage you to use this easy-to-read version of the Declaration of Independence (click here):

* Make copies and give it to everybody at your picnic.
* Take turns reading it out loud (it will only take you a few minutes).
* Turn on the video camera and let the kids play the role of Thomas Jefferson.

Acknowledging the principles on which we were founded, the definition of tyranny, and the bravery it took to start the American Revolution is an inspiring act of remembrance on this our national Independence Day.  God Bless America!

Stay safe,

Susan Hutchison, WSRP Chairman
Jim Walsh, WSRP Vice Chairman
Jeff Kent, National Committeeman
Fredi Simpson, National Committeewoman

Letter From Chairman To Gov. Inslee

BELLEVUE, WA, July 2 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, sent the following letter to Governor Inslee:



July 2, 2015

Dear Governor Inslee,

I have an important question for you:  Who really governs this state – the elected Governor, or the powerful WEA union?  Your answer could end the budget chaos created by Democrats yesterday.

The 2015 legislative session accomplished what was needed for the people of Washington State.  Led by Senate Republicans, the bipartisan budget accomplished historic reductions in college tuition, spending priorities for K-12 education and early learning, reduced class sizes, and COLAs for our teachers for the first time in 6 years – all this, without increasing taxes on our citizens.  This balanced budget passed by wide margins in both chambers and you signed it late on June 30th, just in time to avert a government shutdown.

However, while our party is celebrating “job well done,” your party has a mess on its hands following the Senate Democrats’ early morning sabotage of the budget YOU signed.  While our party accomplished college tuition reductions, your party has put those historic reductions in jeopardy.  While our party passed a balanced budget, your party unbalanced the budget.   This outrageous mess is a result of your party’s fealty to the WEA!

Republicans delivered on their promises.  As the 4th of July weekend nears, the Republicans rest assured that they have finished their job.  Significantly, your party is not done yet.  Republicans are known for fixing problems but we cannot fix your party!  Now it’s in your hands to end your intra-party squabbles and bring this legislative session to a conclusion.  Are you the leader of your party and the leader of this state or not?  You are the Governor, and it is time for you to govern.  We say sincerely… good luck.


Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

Are Inslee’s Democrats Liars?

BELLEVUE, WA, July 1 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

Are Inslee’s Democrats liars, sore losers, or just so corrupt, they don’t care?

Here’s what’s they’ve done:  In the wee hours of this morning, Senate Democrats double-crossed their colleagues, insulted the House of Representatives and defied the citizens of Washington, by blowing up the agreement they had made to pass a state budget.

Why would they do such a thing?  Because Democrats are bought and paid for by the WEA, the Washington Extortion (uh, Education) Association.  With money they take from every teacher’s paycheck, the WEA buys the election of left-wing Democrats to push their left-wing agenda–which has NEVER been about giving our kids a good education!

Despite  a huge spending increase in the new budget including the highest increase for education in state history, the WEA is furious because the budget did not require NEW (unnecessary) taxes!  (The WEA and the Democrats are fixated on forcing a state income tax on the people of Washington.)

So, early this morning, the Democrats blew a $2 billion hole in the state budget by changing their votes on the agreement they negotiated last weekend.  We ask, were they lying in those negotiations and as they boasted about the budget they passed? Or is this what sore losers do, when reality sets in and they realize the budget is good for the people but not for the Democrats? Or are they so corrupted by the WEA’s money that they will do anything to stay in the WEA’s favor?

This last minute dirty trick jeopardizes the historic tuition cuts which Republicans won for students and families.  And it may block new funding for K-12 and our youngest learners.

At its core, this is the result of a colossal failure of leadership.  Jay Inslee, the Governor who just can’t govern, presides over this mess.  It’s a hell of way to govern, Mr. Inslee.

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