Dem primary voters can send a message to Dem elites

BELLEVUE, APRIL 19 – Washington State Republican Party Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement today:

“Some Washington Democrats are ‘steaming mad’ about their party’s presidential nomination process, according to a report in the Seattle Times.  According to the Times, many are ‘angry at the antiquated caucus process. Some called for ending the caucuses system in favor of using the presidential Primary to allocate delegates – as Washington Republicans are doing this year.’

“The state Democratic Party machine plans to ignore the vote of the people in the May 24 Democrat Presidential Primary.  But Democrat voters can send a forceful message by voting in the May 24 Democratic Presidential Primary.

“Bernie Sanders supporters who think the super-delegates system is wrong by ignoring the grassroots can send a message to the Democrat elites by voting on May 24.  If Sanders wins the Primary, will the super-delegates still ignore the voters?

“Hillary Clinton supporters who think the caucus system is unrepresentative, discriminatory, and antiquated can send a message to Jaxon Ravens and other party leaders by voting on May 24.  Would the Clinton victory in the Primary show the caucus system doesn’t represent the will of the majority of state Democrats?

“Last July Democrats played politics: trying to destroy the state Primary by refusing to move it earlier in the season.  Now they have angry voters who are denied a voice in the selection of their nominee.  Republicans have the most exciting Primary in years on May 24, and have given all Republican voters a say by using 100% of the results to pick our Presidential nominee.”

State Income Tax?

The voters of Washington State have repeatedly made it crystal clear: we absolutely don’t want a state income tax – not now, not ever.

However, if Jay Inslee and his Democrats had it their way, you would be filing your state income tax paperwork today along with the rest of your taxes.

But the good news is: they can’t have it their way!

Our Republican legislators in Olympia refuse to implement Jay Inslee’s liberal tax-and-spend agenda. That’s because Republicans believe in fiscal responsibility and living within our means. Since we gained a majority in 2013, the Republicans in the State Senate have stood firmly between Jay Inslee and his new tax proposals.

Defending our majority in the Senate and gaining a majority in the State House is imperative for the future of the residents of Washington State. Our Evergreen State depends on it. Will you donate today to help us win in 2016?


Tax Day

RNC Statement On Last Night’s Democrat Debate In Brooklyn

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on the CNN Democrat debate in Brooklyn:

“Hillary Clinton was supposed to have the nomination locked up by the end of March, but she’s instead lost seven straight states and is having to throw the kitchen sink at a 74-year old Vermont socialist as her once 60-point lead dwindles. While Clinton and Sanders make their race to the far left increasingly personal, they have continued to ignore the country’s desire for change. America badly needs a course correction, but Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to double down on the failed Obama agenda that’s made us less prosperous, less safe, and less free. Only a Republican president can bring the opportunity and security President Obama has failed to deliver.”

Republican Unity!

It has been one of the most exciting primary seasons with the largest field in GOP history, record voter turnouts, and enthusiasm not seen in a generation. In Cleveland this July at the Republican National Convention, the GOP is going to unite behind our nominee to defeat Hillary Clinton. Watch this GOP Unity video by clicking on the image below:

Open Convention? Your Guide to the Republican National Convention

In July, delegates from across the nation will gather in Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention.  Who are the delegates, what are the rules, and how does it all work? You will find all those answers and more by going to

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