Memorial Day Message

BELLEVUE, WA, May 30 – Susan Hutchison, the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following Memorial Day message:

“What solemn pride must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.”
-Abraham Lincoln

The white gravestones at Arlington, Honolulu, Normandy, Italy, Belgium, Philippines, and more–remind us that our precious freedoms were bought at a great price. Today, we remember the honored dead whose work is done, because our work is still before us…

“that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain… that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom… and that government of the people… by the people… for the people… shall not perish from the earth.”
-Lincoln at Gettysburg

Unity Speech at State GOP Convention

Many at the State GOP Convention in Pasco last week have asked us to post one of the convention highlights – what they’re calling the “Unity Speech.”  To watch the speech, CLICK HERE

In this twelve-minute video, you’ll see how Republicans from throughout the state, who have supported different candidates during the Primary season, show they are now united and committed to defeating Hillary Clinton in November.

Please watch the “Unity Speech” HERE.

Let’s unite and flip this state from blue to red!  To defeat Hillary Clinton and Jay Inslee in November, please donate $5, $10, $25 or more.

Partisan Democrat Tim Probst Fails to Disclose Financial Affairs

The Washington State Republican Party issued the following statement today:

Vancouver – After more than four months of running for the State Senate, Tim Probst has failed to file his personal financial affairs statement as required by state law.

State law requires candidates to file their personal financial affairs statement within two weeks of becoming a candidate.

“Why is partisan Democrat Tim Probst trying to hide his six-figure government paycheck from the voters?” asked WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison. “State law requires candidates to disclose their financial affairs to avoid conflicts of interest. What else is Tim Probst trying to hide?”

Public records show Tim Probst has received more than $750,000 in taxpayer funded salary, benefits, office expenses, per diem and travel.

After losing his last campaign for the State Senate in 2012, the Democrat Party establishment rewarded Probst with a six-figure job with the Employment Security Department.

“Tim Probst is a career politician now running for office for the fourth time. He knows the law. He knows the rules. There’s no excuse for not disclosing his financial affairs,” said Hutchison. “After 20 plus years in and around government, Tim Probst has changed. He’s not who he says he is.”

Hutchison: “WA ready to swing to the GOP column in November”

State GOP Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement this evening:

“Tonight’s unprecedented turnout, shows that our state is a true swing state and ready to swing to the Republican column in November.

“With 76% of the vote going to Donald Trump, our state has moved the GOP presumptive nominee closer to the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination.  With a strong candidate at the top of the GOP ticket, Jay Inslee and other Democrats will be at a disadvantage, while Republican candidates for statewide and legislative offices will be given a boost.

“The Democrats, on the other hand, are in a heap of trouble.

“With Clinton defeating Sanders in the Democrat primary, it is clear that the Democrats’ antiquated caucus system is out of step with the voters.  Democrat voters support Clinton, but their delegation to the Democrat national convention will be heavily in favor of Sanders.  No wonder the State Democratic Party wanted to suppress the vote and ignore the primary.

“Republicans respect the vote of the people – our state’s delegation to the Republican National Convention will be bound by tonight’s results.”

Post-Pasco Praise

Susan Hutchison, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, sent the following message today to State GOP Convention participants:

Thank you for being part of the 2016 Convention in Pasco!  Because of your enthusiasm, good humor and graciousness, the convention will be remembered as one of the best in years.  Here are some highlights:

• We elected 41 delegates and 41 alternates in Congressional Districts and At-Large who will represent our state in Cleveland.
• We were inspired by our elected officials who reminded us of our Republican calling to uphold the Constitution and improve the lives of our citizens.
• We honored our military and their families on Armed Forces Day.
• We prayed for God’s love and grace to shine upon us.
• We passed the 2016 Platform.
• We sang the Star-Spangled Banner together (and sounded great).
• The TRAC Arena was a stunning space for our Convention sessions.
• We danced to the music of country music star Chance McKinney at our Republican Round-up.
• We ate more than 5000 tasty meals together.
• The Legislative Track taught us about important state issues.
• The Activist Track taught us how to canvass, and we knocked on 1000 doors that afternoon.
• Convention 101 taught us how to use parliamentary procedure in our meetings.
• Our hardworking committees of 39 members each did an outstanding job with Rules, Credentials and Platform.
• Our Parliamentarian said this was the best state convention he has attended.
• We endured hard chairs for long hours without getting hard hearted.
• Our next Governor, Bill Bryant, keynoted our dinner and announced the exciting news that the RGA is supporting his candidacy.
• A host of volunteers got us through registration, credentials and balloting.
• Young people were everywhere!
• We were inspired to diminish our differences and grow in unity.
• Our 59 “Do-Pass” resolutions were carefully vetted and approved by the Platform Committee.
• We listened to 150(!) thirty second speeches.
• We elected 12 Electors.
• We heard speeches from 11 candidates for statewide office.
• We participated in a fair and orderly Convention.
• We prayed for our fellow delegate as he was cared for by medical crews and were relieved to hear he went safely home that night.
• We made new friends and connected with old friends.
• We left united to defeat Jay Inslee and Hillary Clinton!

You have embraced me and our staff with wonderful compliments and we are grateful.  I really look forward to working in partnership with you for Victory 2016!

Vote May 24!

Vote Tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 24th is the date of the Washington State Presidential Primary!

If you have not turned in your ballot, be sure to do so by 8:00 pm tomorrow night. Your vote counts!

The state-wide Republican results will determine allocation of 100% of the delegates to the Cleveland Convention. While delegates were elected this weekend at the state convention, their personal preferences will not be considered. Instead, YOU the Primary voters will decide the allocation of the 44 votes from Washington State.

So make your voice heard. Turn in your ballot on time and make it count!

Path to Pasco Alert – May 16, 2016: What to Pack for Pasco

Wondering what to wear at the State Convention? It will be hot outside, but air conditioned inside. We recommend:

Convention Sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday:

Thursday Evening Welcome Reception “Republican Roundup” with country music star Chance McKinney:

Friday Night Dinner:

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Path to Pasco Alert – May 14, 2016 – State Convention Legislative Track

Next week’s Convention is a chance to learn more about the important issues that affect all of us.  Those who have signed up for the Legislative Track on Thursday from 9am-3pm will tackle labor reform, healthcare, education, energy, taxes and budgets and more.

At lunch time, Socialism — and How to Fight It will be the topic presented by Steve Beren, currently on staff at the state GOP, but once an avowed socialist and member of the Socialist Workers Party in the 1970s and 1980s.  He’ll have insights into the present movement led by Bernie Sanders, and he’ll tell the story of his conversion from leftist to conservative!

Be sure to join Representatives Joe Schmick, Jesse Young, Mary Dye, Drew Stokesbary, Larry Haler and Terry Nealey along with Senators Mark Miloscia and Doug Ericksen, as well as other experts for a fascinating conversation.

To register for the Convention and the Legislative Track, CLICK HERE

Kim Wyman’s leftist opponent wants to suppress the vote!

Kim Wyman, our state’s most popular elected official is under attack from her millionaire, far left opponent Tina Podlodowski.

While Kim recovers from shoulder surgery, let’s wish her a speedy “Get Well” and remind ourselves and others how dangerous Podlodowski really is.

Podlodowski wants automatic voter registration for all people in the state – regardless of their legal status.

And Podlodowski announced last week she would cancel the Primary in which the voters of the state, Republicans and Democrats, have a voice in the nomination of their Presidential Candidate!  The head of elections cancelling the very institution she is pledged to uphold?

Podlodowski’s campaign website proclaims the slogan  “We want to hear from you.  Every voice, and every vote, must count. But too many voices go unheard.”  What a hypocrite!

Like all far left politicians, Podlodowski is obsessed with suppressing the vote of anyone who disagrees with her(*) Her loud-mouth proclamations are not only illegal, but dangerous.

Of course, we Republicans gladly hold our caucuses to pick our delegates to convention, but the number of voters that can show up at a Saturday morning meeting with their neighbors is a tiny fraction of the total vote.

The Democrats love their caucus for one reason only — to control the vote.  

Let’s declare loud and clear that we won’t let a candidate like Tina Podlodowski take away our sacred elections.  Go to Kim Wyman’s website today and make a contribution to her campaign – CLICK HERE

And while you’re at it, make a contribution to the WSRP so that we can fund the ground game that will help Kim get re-elected! – CLICK HERE

(*) P.S.: Tina Podlodowski also can’t tolerate disagreement on social media.  On Twitter, she blocks those who criticize her attempts at voter suppression.  Her Twitter handle is @tinapo

Path to Pasco Alert – May 10, 2016 – Country Star Chance McKinney

The hottest ticket in town Thursday night May 19 is the State Convention’s welcome reception featuring country music star Chance McKinney!
Winner of the CMT award; opening band for Kenny Rogers, Dierks Bentley and Kenny Chesney; and all-around great American!

After your dinner, mozy on over to the TRAC Center for music, dancing and fun! Registered Guests Welcome!

Republican Roundup
Thursday, May 19th
Cash bar
Dress:  Country Casual—Jeans and Cowboy Boots Welcome

Register for the State Convention HERE

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