The “other Hilary,” Hilary Franz, is too radical for Washington state!

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WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison sent out the following message on October 28:

Hillary Clinton is bad enough.  But the “other Hilary” is just as bad.  That’s Hilary Franz – the progressive environmentalist who is the Democrats’ candidate for Commissioner of Public Lands.

Hilary Franz served on the board of an organization headed by an EarthFirst! member who advocates eco-terrorist methods such as sabotage and tree-spiking.  She also led the radical anti-growth group Futurewise, and under her leadership Futurewise filed 31 lawsuits against at least ten counties.  And Peter Goldman, an environmental extremist, has given over $125,000 to PACs that are campaigning for Franz.

In contrast, Republican candidate Steve McLaughlin is a retired Navy officer who drafted the Kosovo peacekeeping plan.  He has worked on the front-lines providing disaster relief after the Oso landslide and Eastern Washington wildfires. He’s even led the effort to preserve an old growth forest.   He has been endorsed by a variety of groups including the Stillaguamish Tribe, IBEW, Farm Bureau, AWB, Association of Western Pulp & Paper Workers, and the Washington Machinists Council.  McLaughlin also has an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association.

When comparing the candidates, it’s no contest – the choice is clear: Republican Steve McLaughlin for Commissioner of Public Lands.

URGENT: An important message to all Republican voters!

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WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison sent out the following message on October 28:

To Our Voters,

The FBI has re-opened the investigation of Hillary Clinton 11 days before the presidential election.  We hope justice will be done.

Even though Clinton is the most corrupt candidate to ever seek the presidency, the liberal media has been telling you she has the race in the bag, hoping you won’t bother to vote.  But this race is NOT over.

We can win at every level of government – from President to School Board – IF YOU VOTE.  Vote from the top of the ballot all the way to the end.

Say NO to the liberal elites in D.C., Seattle, and the media.

Vote Republican up and down the ticket!  Vote Donald Trump for President, Bill Bryant for Governor, and vote Republican for every statewide, legislative and local office!

Senator Ericksen: “Republicans, it is time to come home … vote for all Republicans”

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Statement by State Senator Doug Ericksen:

“Republicans. It is time to come home.

“It is time to focus on the good of our nation.  It is time to put aside our differences and vote based upon the issues that will impact our future.

“We are currently involved in an election like no other in modern history. No election has held such long range impacts on the very existence of the United States of America.

“70% of Americans believe that the under the leadership of President Barack Obama our nation is headed in the wrong direction.

“We agree that we need new leadership and a different direction at the Federal and State levels. We need a President who will offer a new direction and a State Legislature that will offer a new direction.

“At the national and state levels we need to move in a new direction on:

* National defense
* Securing our borders
* Public Safety
* Repealing and Replacing Obama’s failed health care scheme
* Job creation
* Energy policy
* Regulatory policy
* Federal and state tax codes
* Reducing our national debt
* Balancing our state budget without raising taxes
* Funding and reforming public education
* Plus many other key issues

“We recognize the incredible importance of protecting our rights and liberties with the appointment and confirmation of qualified constitutional leaders to the United States Supreme Court.

“We pledge to focus on the policy solutions that will benefit all Americans and all Washingtonians. We refuse to be divided by our small differences of opinion or manipulated by the main stream media’s biased reporting.

“For the reasons offered above, for the issues that are important to all citizens, for the need to set a new direction for our state and nation:


Hutchison: PDC Director violated law to help Dems and must resign

Bellevue, October 27 – WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement today:

“Evelyn Fielding-Lopez, Executive Director of the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) has engaged in illegal and unethical actions, interfering in the elections to support her favored Democrat candidate in a key legislative race.

“Together with House Republican Leader Dan Kristiansen and Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler, I have sent a letter to Fielding-Lopez detailing her actions in violation of the RCW.  [to read the text of the letter, CLICK HERE]

“Democrat Tim Probst, a candidate for State Senate in the crucial 17th Legislative District, violated campaign laws and was found guilty by the PDC.  But Fielding-Lopez intervened, issuing an INACCURATE statement implying the Democrat candidate had done no wrong, and the Probst campaign has been using Fielding-Lopez’s letter in campaign literature.

“Not only did Fielding-Lopez illegally intervene in support of Probst – her defense of Probst was inaccurate and did not match the PDC’s own findings regarding Probst’s campaign violations.

“This is not an isolated incident; Fielding-Lopez has a pattern of actions in support of the Democratic Party, in violation of her role as PDC Executive Director.  She has undermined public confidence in the integrity of the PDC as a neutral commission.  This is outrageous, especially in the closing weeks of an election campaign.”

Rep. Kristiansen and Sen. Schoesler will be filing an executive ethics complaint, and a formal complaint to the Washington State Bar Association regarding Fielding-Lopez’s illegal and unethical actions.  She should resign in order for the PDC to rebuild trust with the voters.

These two liberal judges let a pedophile go free – vote against them!

Outrageous actions of liberal judges make it easy to vote right this year.  Here’s what you need to know:

In 2009, an Ephrata man was arrested for possession of child pornography — the evidence was on his computer.  He was convicted, but in 2015 liberal Judge George Fearing overturned the conviction on appeal.

The case made its way to liberal State Supreme Court Justice Charles Wiggins, who upheld Fearing’s decision to throw out the conviction.

As a result of these two liberal judges’ decisions, this child predator was set free.  And now, less than a year later, he’s been caught again — this time, for soliciting a minor for sex.

Judge Fearing and Judge Wiggins let their liberal ideology overturn what should have been an open and shut conviction — and both of them are running for re-election this year.

George Fearing is running for re-election to the Court of Appeals in the Tri-Cities area.  For those of you in that district, we strongly recommend voting against incumbent Fearing and voting for his conservative opponent, Tri-Cities attorney Patrick McBurney.

Charles Wiggins is running for re-election to the State Supreme Court.  We strongly recommend voting against Wiggins and voting for his conservative opponent Federal Way Municipal Court Judge Dave Larson.

And be sure to vote FOR two other candidates for Supreme Court Justice: David DeWolf and Greg Zempel!

Initiatives on the 2016 Statewide Ballot

From WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison – an excerpt from the WSRP Video Voters’ Guide:

“There are five initiatives on the ballot and here is my strong advice.  A good rule of thumb for the initiatives this year—Vote NO.  Remember, the devil is in the details and while an initiative has a nice title and explanation, beware what the small print says.  And there are pages and pages of small print!

“In particular, the Washington State Republican Party urges you to vote NO on Initiative 1464—a dangerous, unconstitutional initiative designed to help only Democrats win elections– using your taxes!  Remember, all the issues in each initiative can be taken up by our legislature which carefully studies the benefits and unintended consequences of each.

“One ballot measure to vote FOR is SJR 8210 which was proposed by our Republican State Senate.”

To watch the WSRP 2016 Video Voters’ Guide, CLICK HERE

Need help with your ballot? Watch this helpful video!

Need help completing your ballot? Wondering how to vote on the state candidates, judges, initiatives, and more?

Fill out your ballot, step by step, as you watch this informative and handy 8-minute WSRP Video Voter’s Guide. To watch the video, click on the image below

Here’s an example of the great advice in this video:

“A good rule of thumb for the initiatives this year: Vote NO. Remember, the devil is in the details and while an initiative has a nice title and explanation, beware what the small print says. And there are pages and pages of small print!… Remember, all the issues in each initiative can be taken up by our legislature which carefully studies the benefits and unintended consequences of each.”

Please share this video with your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

Please share this video with your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

Hutchison: Habib should return donations connected to extremist group

Bellevue, October 21 – State GOP Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement today:

“Nearly 40% of money for Democrat State Senator Cyrus Habib’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor comes from out-of-state donors.  Among them is Pirooz Parvarandeh of Los Altos Hills, California.  Parvarandeh is a board member of the American Iranian Council (AIC), a group founded by a man who claims that Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorist organizations, even though the US government says they are. [1]

“According to PDC records, Parvarandeh and his wife donated $9,000 to Habib which is $1,000 over the legal limit.  Originally, Habib illegally filed the donation under only Parvarandeh’s wife’s name to hide the identity of her husband.  The WSRP filed a PDC complaint against Habib’s blatant violation of the law.

“Parvarandeh serves on the AIC board whose founder and President, Hooshang Amirahmadi [2], has said:

‘Unfortunately, a large part of the problems between Iran and the US are not based in reality, but are based on myths. The problem of terrorism is a true myth. Iran has not been involved in any terrorist organization. Neither Hezbollah nor Hamas are terrorist organizations….  The Iranian president’s problem is with Israel, not with America.’ [3]

“The voters deserve to know about extreme special interests that are funding Habib’s campaign.  Furthermore, why is out-of-state money of this kind involved in our state’s Lt. Governor election and supporting Habib?

“We call on Senator Habib to return all donations from individuals associated with the American Iranian Council.  It is offensive and unacceptable for Habib to take money from leaders of an organization led by a pro-Iran extremist.  We also call upon Senator Habib to condemn the extremist statements made by the AIC President.”

[1] –
[2] –
[3] –

We Need You To Be An Election Observer!

A message from WSRP Political Director Jake Braunger….

We need you!

As a citizen, YOU can help ensure the integrity of our state’s November 8th election.

Volunteer observers from both political parties are needed at election ballot counting sites as added assurance of oversight and accountability.  No prior experience is required and training is available in some locations.

To find out more about being an election observer, CLICK HERE to contact your county’s election department.  Do your part for fair and honest elections!

Vote Republican!  Victory in November!

Hilary Franz: Illegal lobbyist, or is she lying about her record?

Bellevue, October 19 – State GOP Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement today:

“Democrat Hilary Franz, running for Lands Commissioner, has been touting her lobbying activities in Olympia.  However, she has never registered as a lobbyist.  That’s a violation of state law, so we’ve filed a PDC complaint against her. [CLICK HERE to see the PDC complaint]

“In her campaign, Franz has boasted about work she has done ‘in Olympia’ influencing legislation. She told KING5 TV: ‘Having worked in the legislature to secure … funding like the largest transportation package in Washington’s history’ that she has ‘the experience in working across the aisle to get critical policies and funding implemented.’ And she told TVW that she ‘worked in the legislature to make sure that there was funding, and policy there for affordable housing’ and ‘so I’ll be fighting to make sure, working with the legislature like I have in the last five years.’

“Despite Franz’s claims about her lobbying activities, she’s never filed to be a lobbyist which is a blatant violation of state law.  Is she lying about her record?  Or has she been breaking the law?”

See the PDC complaint against Hilary Franz at

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