“Shallow Minds Can’t Survive a Flood.”

Have you heard Greg Gutfeld’s take on the media’s superficial criticisms of President Trump in Texas? (Melania’s high-heels for example.)

From Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on last night’s episode of “The Five”:

“The only thing that matters is helping the helpless. And, as real news erupts, crud like identity politics, MTV awards, and Kathy Griffin return to where they belong –toys in the closet suddenly outgrown and forgotten. Shallow minds can’t survive a flood, although some have tried.”

Listen to his full monologue in the video below. And then sign up for our annual dinner to hear Greg Gutfeld IN PERSON!

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How You Can Help Victims of Harvey

The suffering from Harvey’s catastrophic flooding and destruction has shown us an amazing display of the human spirit:

  • The sacrifices of first responders to save others
  • The flotilla of volunteers in small boats rescuing the stranded
  • The welcome arms of friends and strangers providing refuge
  • The undaunted spirit of Texans who won’t give up
  • The swift and thorough response by political leaders to provide aid–from local sheriffs to President Trump

A FEMA task force from Pierce County is already in Houston, but many of us also want to help where possible. I personally recommend donating to the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Eventually the rains will stop, the floodwaters will recede and then volunteers from Washington State will join their churches and other groups to send skilled teams to help the victims of Harvey rebuild.

Thank you for your prayers for our fellow Americans in Texas and other states in the path of this devastating storm.

Greg Gutfeld on ESPN’s Unbelievable Decision

“This is such an unbelievable story that we don’t believe it!”

That’s what our 2017 Annual Dinner keynote speaker, Greg Gutfeld had to say on Tuesday night’s episode of Fox News’ “The Five.”  

Here’s the unbelievable but true story: On Tuesday, ESPN decided to pull a college football announcer named Robert Lee off an upcoming Virginia college football game to avoid criticism for having an announcer with the name of the Civil War general Robert E. Lee. This Robert Lee is an Asian-American.

“It’s like an ‘Onion’ story,” Greg said in disbelief after reading ESPN’s statement. Watch it below.

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Greg Gutfeld in Bellevue

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Chairman Hutchison Co-Sponsors RNC Resolution


The event in Charlottesville called “Unite the Right” was a White Supremacist and neo-Nazi protest march and had nothing to do with the Republican Party. Republicans will never “unite” with these extremists and their views.

I am a co-sponsor of this RNC resolution which denounces these extremist organizations and also explains the historical record of Republicans against racism. Please read it here.

It came to light yesterday, that one participant at the march was the President of College Republicans at WSU. While the Republican Party has no authority over the organization called College Republicans (CR), I promptly contacted their national and state offices with this message:

Swift action is required against James Allsup, the President of CR-WSU who marched in the “Unite the Right” event this weekend. His videos were repulsive and do not represent the values and standards of the Republican Party. I call on you to denounce his actions and affiliations with all white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. 

Allsup resigned late yesterday. It should be noted that in a news report Sunday, Allsup did not claim to be a Republican but instead a “paleo-conservative” or “right wing libertarian”.

The Democrats and leftists in our state hope to tie this ugly episode to the Republican party, our elected officials and candidates. Instead, we will use their attacks as an opportunity to affirm our Party’s stand against racism and bigotry.

Fake News Scam Traced to Rep. Jayapal Staffer

Our on-going alerts, DEMS! (Distinctly Embarrassing Moments for Seattle!), highlight the many ways one-party Democrat rule in Seattle has hurt the reputation of the city and our state. Read on!


Even Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been conned by the Democrats’ recent fake news scam. 

Last Friday, a staffer for Seattle’s very own U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, tweeted a deceptively edited video showing President Trump ignoring a child in a wheelchair. Rowling retweeted the video and launched a diatribe against the President. Her tweet was seen by millions and retweeted over 48,000 times on Friday.

The real video, shows the President, in fact, warmly greeting the child, totally contradicting Jayapal’s staffer’s tweet. When he was asked to apologize for posting a faked video, all he had to say was this:

@Ansel had to delete the fake tweet and also the follow-up tweet in which he encouraged viewers “disgusted” by the video to follow Rep. Jayapal on Twitter because she is known as the “anti-Trump.”

Rep. Jayapal’s short tenure in Congress has been marked by embarrassing moments (see DEMS 1/9/17) But posting anti-Trump fake news on social media is a new low. And, it’s especially embarrassing for Democrats in Seattle who support her.

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