Sen. Dino Rossi Announces for WA-8

Bellevue, September 21 –The Washington State Republican Party issued the following statement following the 2017 Annual Dinner:

Dino Rossi Announces Candidacy for WA-8 at WSRP Annual Dinner

This evening, at the Washington State Republican Party’s Annual Dinner in Bellevue, Sen. Dino Rossi announced his candidacy for Washington State’s 8th Congressional District. The election in November 2018 is an open seat since Congressman Dave Reichert announced that he will not seek re-election.

Democrats have claimed that they expect to flip the seat—a doubtful outcome, since the seat has been held by a Republican since the district was created in 1983. Dino Rossi has won the district by at least 55% in every race where his name appeared on the ballot in the 8th. Furthermore, almost all Republicans running for statewide seats in 2016 won in the district by wide margins. In the Presidential race, the conservative candidates combined to win more than 50% of the vote.

The crowd’s response to Sen. Rossi’s announcement tonight proved that he will have strong support in the 2018 race. Republican Chairman Susan Hutchison said tonight, “Democrats should prepare for an uphill battle if they plan to challenge one of Washington’s beloved Republicans in a historically conservative district.”

Chairman Ties Amazon Announcement to 45th Race

Bellevue, September 8 –Susan Hutchison, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

Chairman Hutchison Connects Amazon Announcement to 45th

Susan Hutchison, Chairman of the WSRP, tied the Amazon announcement that they will seek a “second and equal” headquarters outside of Washington to the special election in the 45th Legislative District.

“The Seattle politicians, all of whom are democrats don’t provide the stable, business friendly environment that allows companies to grow jobs. Amazon has sent a strong signal that they are preparing for a future outside of Seattle and this state. This is a Boeing déjà vu.“

“I’ve seen the polls and watched focus groups with real people who live in the 45th—Redmond, Woodinville and Sammamish and they despise Seattle values, which include an illegal, unconstitutional income tax that the voters have rejected 9 times! The democrat candidate in the 45th brings her Seattle values home with her.”

“Voters in the 45th and across the state, need to understand that the Senate majority rides on this election. We believe balance is what the voters want in Olympia, and they won’t get balance if Republicans don’t win the 45th. Amazon reminds us that these are very high stakes.”

Chairman Hutchison Addresses WA-8 Race

Bellevue, September 7 –Susan Hutchison, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

Chairman Hutchison Addresses WA-8 Seat Held by Dave Reichert Who Announced Yesterday That He Was Not Seeking Reelection:

“First, I want to thank Dave Reichert for his service,” said Chairman Hutchison. “Dave is heroic. Dave has served his entire life in public service. He leaves behind a great district of wonderful voters.”

The 8th is a strong conservative seat. It was drawn to span both Eastern and Western Washington including Issaquah, Auburn and Wenatchee. In last year’s presidential election, all GOP statewide candidates from Governor to Commissioner of Public Lands won in the 8th with 7% more votes than they received in their total statewide tallies. The conservative candidates for president received more than 50% of the vote.

“I talked with Dino Rossi today. He is speaking with his family and his business partners about running for this seat. When Dino ran in previous elections, he won the district by more than 55% even when facing millions of dollars in attack ads. Dino would be a formidable candidate.”

“Statements that the 8th is a swing district and they can flip this seat are false Democrat talking points,” she added. “Democrats use a fist as their logo when they talk about winning this seat. That doesn’t work for the citizens in the 8th.”

Seattle Mayor Needs to Step Down

Bellevue, September 7 –Susan Hutchison, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, issued the following statement:

Seattle Mayor Needs to Step Down 

At a news conference today, Susan Hutchison, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, called for Seattle Mayor Murray to leave office immediately.
“Today I am joining others who have called for the Mayor to step down. He has no moral authority to lead this huge metropolitan area.” 

Hutchison spoke about watching the recent devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida  and the political leadership required for preparation, rescue and relief “which gives citizens a sense of security and hope.” While the Seattle region does not face hurricanes, we are always preparing for other disasters such as earthquakes. “True leadership is required in any natural disaster or man-made disaster,” she said.

“I join with a lot of people in the Seattle area who’ve already called for him to resign; to step down until a new mayor is selected.”  

16th Anniversary of 9/11

BELLEVUE, WA, September 11, 2017 –Susan Hutchison, Chairman of the WSRP, issued the following statement:

“When Americans are in need, Americans pull together — and we are one country. And when we face hardship, we emerge closer, stronger, and more determined than ever.”

The words spoken by President Trump this morning outside the Pentagon are as true today as they were on this day 16 years ago. When disaster strikes, we witness an amazing outpouring of the human spirit. We see it now in the hurricane response, and we saw it on September 11, 2001 when America responded to the worst terrorist attack on our soil.

Today, we honor all who lost their lives 16 years ago, the first responders who sacrificed their lives, and their families who lost so much. 

Americans will continue to work together to defeat any obstacle or threat in our path.  

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