Give Our Senators a Piece of Your Mind, Not Your Paycheck!

Let Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell know you don’t want them to keep your $2,000! 

The Democrats won’t vote for tax relief for the American people. A family making $75,000 will save more than $2,000 in their yearly paycheck when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passes, but Congressional Democrats couldn’t care less. 

Today, the RNC has launched Paycheck President to show our support for tax cuts and help you tell Patty and Maria you don’t want them to keep your hard-earned money.

It’s time for the Democrats to stop controlling your purse strings. Go to Paycheck President now so you can give our Senators a piece of your mind, not your paycheck.

WSRP Statement on Governor Inslee as Chairman of DGA

For Immediate Release
Press Release

Monday, December 4, 2017


WSRP Statement on Governor Jay Inslee’s Installation as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association


Bellevue, WA — Washington State Republican Party Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement on Governor Jay Inslee’s installation as the new Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association today:

“It’s no surprise that a party in disarray would install Governor Jay Inslee as its Chairman. Inslee’s reputation in Washington State as the governor who can’t govern will not instill confidence in Democrat donors or bring back traditional Democrats who’ve left a party that no longer cares about their families, jobs, or futures. Inspired by the left wing Seattle echo chamber of big government socialism, he is not the kind of leader the rest of America can accept. Even so, Inslee is using this platform to help him run for President in 2020.”


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