Brown Denys Transparency

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Delays 2017 and refuses to release 2016 tax returns

Bellevue, WA – Lisa Brown is hiding from voters in Eastern Washington, this time, refusing to release her 2016 tax returns and delaying the release of her 2017 returns.

“Why won’t Lisa Brown give the voters the information they deserve?” stated Caleb Heimlich, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. “She claims to support Eastern Washington, but is denying transparency to voters by delaying her 2017 return and refusing to release her 2016 return – is she embarrassed she was collecting a $365,000 per year salary at WSU after her massive tuition increases that hurt students?” Heimlich continued.

Unlike Lisa Brown, Cathy McMorris Rodgers has fully released her 2016 and 2017 tax returns to the Spokesman Review.


Brown Evades Crucial Question

For Immediate Release
Press Release

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Continues to ignore important issues regarding Eastern WA

Bellevue, WA – Lisa Brown is continuing to deceive the voters of Eastern Washington, this time not coming clean about her support for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.

“Lisa has been running a campaign of evasion and deceit that shows her contempt for the people of Eastern Washington,” said Caleb Heimlich, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. “She has repeatedly side-stepped crucial questions, including her stand on gun rights and hydro dams during this campaign in an attempt to disguise the fact that she is a far-left, liberal with one of the most extreme voting records in Washington state history. One of the most important votes a Member of Congress will take is the vote for Speaker of the House and Lisa Brown’s refusal to say whether she would vote for Nancy Pelosi is disgraceful. Based on her legislative record, if she doesn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi, it will only be because Pelosi is too conservative for her.” Heimlich continued.

In a recent ABC News interview, Brown responded to the question about voting for Pelosi for Speaker in her typical evasive fashion saying, “I’m going to wait and see, hopefully in January when I’m there, I’m going to wait and see who is running for leadership. I will vote for the person who I think I could most work with on behalf of Eastern Washington.”


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