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2020 Here We Come!

In January, we laid out initial goals to conduct 15 trainings, recruit 1,500 activists, and cultivate 30 regional team-leaders.

Well, so far we have blown past those goals for 2019 and have:

  • conducted 22 trainings
  • trained 25 counties 
  • registered more than 2,000 activists 
  • created 30 regional teams 

And we’re still going! I have seen overwhelming enthusiasm in every corner of this state and I can’t wait to keep that momentum going into 2020.

We’re incredibly proud of the team we’re building and the work that’s been done so far. The Democrats are flooded with special interests and PAC donations, but money can’t buy the grassroots swell of energy we have on our side.

We’re organizing, mobilizing, and taking action against the elitist status quo of Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson but it’s still an uphill battle and that’s why I need you to pitch in $10 or $20 today.

Thanks for all your help so far to restore Republican values in our great State – the job’s not done yet and we’re not done fighting!