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2020 ‘Even Scarier’ For Democrats

Even the liberal Washington Post can’t deny that Republicans had a great showing in the Primary Election – just take a look what they wrote about some of the recent results:

“This positive trend even applies to the state’s potentially marginal seats. The Democratic Congressional Committee includes Carolyn Long, their nominee in Washington’s 3rd District, on its ‘Red to Blue’ list, which features the party’s best candidates with a chance to flip a seat. But the Republican incumbent, Jaime Herrera Beutler, smashed Long in the primary, 56 to 40 percent.

The trend is even scarier for first-term Democratic Rep. Kim Schrier. In 2018, she flipped the historically Republican 8th District, which combines upper-income Seattle suburbs with rural counties on the other side of the Cascade Mountains. Her win was forecast by the Democrats’ 50 to 47 lead in the 2018 primary. This year, the Republican candidates combined lead her and two other minor Democrats by 49 to 47. Recall that no party in the past decade has won a House seat in November that it lost in the primary. Schrier is listed as either safe or likely to win by the leading political prognosticators, but those ratings should surely change based on Washington’s clear historical patterns.

– Henry Olsen, Washington Post columnist
August 16, 2020 

And then there was the great showing by Cathy McMorris Rodgers in the 5th CD and Dan Newhouse in the 4th.

This is what we’ve been working for over the past two years – now, all of our hard work comes down to the next 73 days.

We know Washingtonians want our state to start moving in a new direction, the right direction. So, pitch in $10, $25, or $50 so we can keep up the pressure, flip the 8th congressional district, and send our Republican Representatives back to D.C. to work with President Trump!