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600 Days

600 days! Since February 29th of 2020 until now, Governor Inslee has been ruling our state with unchecked emergency powers.

Our Constitution created a representative form of government. The people’s representatives are intended to legislate. Our system is not designed for one man to make unilateral, arbitrary decisions for 600 days governing every area of life for over 7 million Washingtonians.

This is an incredibly frustrating time. As Governor Inslee continues to make capricious decisions impacting firefighters, police officers, WSDOT employees, corrections officers and more, the individuals and their families suffer and the people of Washington also suffer the consequences. What can be done?

It is important to remember that the reason Governor Inslee still has his unchecked emergency power is because Legislative Democrats in the House and the Senate refused to do their job and Legislate. Republicans attempted multiple times to reform the emergency powers act, to assert legislative authority. The Democrats rejected that effort and we are all suffering the consequences.

The good news is there is hope! I am an optimistic, and that is why I do this job, because I believe we can and will make a difference. We are just over one year away from the most consequential election of our lifetime. We must elect 4 new Republican Senators and 8 new Republican Representatives to flip both chambers of the Legislature. I firmly believe we can do it with your help!

  • Please vote in important local elections right now, and help us as we gear up for the critical 2022 midterms.
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We have all been through a lot over the past 600 days, let’s do everything we can to make sure we change our state so we can end this and restore the voice of the people to Washington State.