2016 Presidential Survey (January 2015)

February 4, 2015

In January 2015, we conducted an online 2016 Presidential Survey.  The final results of the January 2015 survey are indicated below.  To receive information about future surveys, CLICK HERE to sign up online, or text ‘WSRP’ to (206) 259-1936.

Here are the final straw poll results as of Saturday night January 31:

Ben Carson 823
Scott Walker 333
Mitt Romney 200
Ted Cruz 153
Rand Paul 149
Jeb Bush 60
Mike Huckabee 59
Marco Rubio 45
Rick Perry 40
Trey Gowdy 36
Bobby Jindal 32
Allen West 28
Ron Paul 25
Sarah Palin 24
John Kasich 21
Condoleeza Rice 21
Undecided 21
Chris Christie 20
Paul Ryan 19
Susana Martinez 13
Newt Gingrich 12
Rick Santorum 11
Others (scattered and write-in) 65

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