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Armed Guards and Border Walls

“You are now leaving the USA”

That’s what the sign says as you look into what Seattle radical activists have dubbed the CHAZ, or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.  Can you believe that? Once again Seattle is in the spotlight and once again it’s for the wrong reason. Jay Inslee and Jenny Durkan are the laughing stock of the country.

After years of Bob Ferguson declining cases, failing to prosecute criminals, and pandering to the Democrats dangerous base, the chaos we are seeing in Seattle is the natural progression of lawlessness.

Complete with armed guards and border walls – we are seeing a culmination of the Democrats’ failed policies with the radical occupation of six city blocks and the media is treating it like some kind of beatnik festival.

Enough is enough – we’re bringing our message to TV and radio to bypass the liberal media and share the truth about the complete lawlessness brought on by failed Democratic leadership.  Pitch in today and help us raise enough money to start running tv, radio, and digital ads so we can spread the word and send Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson to retirement in the CHAZ in November!