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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after Attorney General Bob Ferguson doubled down on the conspiracy theory that President Trump will try to delay the November election.

“After being called out for fear-mongering in an attempt to scare people into donating to his reelection campaign, Attorney General Bob Ferguson struggled to justify his untenable position on The Divide with Brandi Kruse. Now, he is doubling down on defending himself by continuing to promote the ridiculous conspiracy theory that President Trump will delay the November Election. Ferguson refuses to stop stoking fear into the minds of Washingtonians amidst a crisis. Ferguson has prioritized his political ambitions ahead of his duties as Attorney General and it is an embarrassment to the office – it’s time he drops the scam. Against a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Attorney General Ferguson persists in promoting a fringe conspiracy to justify his use of fear to fundraise for his desperate campaign.”

For reference, here is a short list (among many) of articles that explicitly state it is not possible for the President to delay the November election:

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