Sometimes Politicians Don’t Tell The Truth

October 7, 2015


She’s not telling the truth.

Democratic candidate Carol Gregory supports a capital gains INCOME tax, despite her misleading campaign mailing above.

A capital gains INCOME tax is an INCOME tax; it would tax INCOME that is already taxed up to 28% by the federal government.

It would, for the first time, set up a new state government bureaucracy for the express purpose of processing the reporting of INCOME.  That bureaucracy would be the first step in implementing a state INCOME tax.

The King County and state Democrats’ platforms support a state INCOME tax[1][2] and mandates that Democrat legislators and candidates use “all legal means at their disposal … toward enactment” of a state INCOME tax.[3]  That’s why the Democrats consider electing Carol Gregory a “priority campaign.”[4]

And by the way, a capital gains INCOME tax hurts job creation and retirees who depend on savings to provide INCOME in their old age.

HELP US DEFEAT CAROL GREGORY.  Donate $25, $50, $75, $100, or more to elect Republican Teri Hickel to the State House.


[1] – Washington State Democrats’ platform: “We call for We call for….  A progressive tax system at both the federal and state level, including taxing unearned income at the same rate as earned income, a state income tax….” Source:

[2] – King County Democrats’ platform: “Our state must institute a more progressive tax system, implementing a … personal income tax….” Source:

[3] – Source: Washington State Democrats’ resolutions at

[4] – King County Democrats website: Electing Carol Gregory is a “priority campaign” Source:

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