Yearly Olympia Dems magic act: $8 billion tax hike

March 28, 2017

WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison sent out the following message on March 28:

The Democrats are performing their yearly magic act — providing the illusion of a budget without voting to pay for it.  Yes, the rabbits they pull out of the hat are just the same as before — huge payoffs to their special interests and dishonest accounting.

They want us taxpayers to hand them an extra $8 billion using a capital gains income tax.  The trap door in this income tax “on the rich” will catch all taxpayers by forcing everyone to provide income statements.  Guess what lies behind that curtain — a statewide income tax!

Chief magician Speaker Frank Chopp must think the voters are easily fooled.  While education should be our state’s priority, 97% of the Democrats’ proposed tax hikes would go to non-education programs!

In contrast, the REAL budget proposed last week by the Senate Republicans prioritizes education without raising taxes and without irresponsible spending.  More than 50% of the GOP budget goes to education, meeting the needs of our children.

Let’s hope the Democrats budget goes POOF!


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