DEMS! City Council raises property taxes, and wonders why rents are increasing

March 21, 2017

Our on-going alerts, DEMS! (Distinctly Embarrassing Moments for Seattle!), highlight the many ways one-party Democrat rule in Seattle has hurt the reputation of the city and our state. Read on!

In another display of Seattle Democrats’ complete lack of common sense and basic economics, the Seattle City Council voted yesterday to set up a “Renters’ Commission,” whose purpose is to stop rapidly rising rents in the city.

But setting up this commission won’t help a bit.  The real problem lies with the Mayor and the City Council.

Why are rents high?  Because Mayor Murray and the City Council have repeatedly pushed for higher property taxes, costly regulations on landlords, and restrictions on new housing construction.  The costs of all these are then passed on to renters in the form of higher rents!

How typical of Seattle politicians to create a huge problem through taxes, regulations and restrictions and then create a commission to solve the problem with more of the same.  How embarrassing!

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