DEMS! Hypocritical liberals ignore environmental disaster….

March 16, 2017

Our on-going alerts, DEMS! (Distinctly Embarrassing Moments for Seattle!), highlight the many ways one-party Democrat rule in Seattle has hurt the reputation of the city and our state. Read on!

Seattle environmentalists are ignoring an eco-catastrophe of raw human sewage.
Every day since February 9, when a power outage caused pumps to fail at Seattle’s government-run West Point Treatment Plant, tons of solid waste — raw sewage-fecal matter — has been pouring into Puget Sound.

The response from Seattle Democrats and environmentalists?

Nothing.  “Silence reigns as sewage spews into Puget Sound” reads a headline on the Seattle Times website.

Why the silence?  The radical environmentalists’ real target is economic growth and  private industry. So, when a government facility run by left-wing Democrats causes an ecological disaster, they don’t even care.

How hypocritical!  How harmful to Puget Sound and its delicate eco-systems!  How embarrassing for Seattle!

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