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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after King County Executive Dow Constantine allegedly pressured an employee to give liberal mega-donor and now-disgraced Seattle businessman, Dave Meinert, special privileges.

“The latest news involving King County Executive Dow Constantine is yet another scandal highlighting the Democrats’ elitist, self-entitled attitude.  Executive Constantine’s abuse of the Sheriff’s deputies, and now this unfortunate, yet predictable, allegation of pressuring the Director of Parks and Recreation to steer county contracts to a longtime friend and major Democratic donor, Dave Meinert, is inexcusable. In addition to the moral problem with his actions, it is just a clear violation of the office.”

“Meinert’s history of befriending high level public officials like Constantine and Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib is a symptom of the harmful one-party rule we see in Seattle, King County, and Olympia. Their emboldened sense of entitlement leads to corruption that benefits themselves and their friends, not the citizens they are elected to serve.”

“We need balance in our local municipalities, in the legislature, and everywhere in between to stop this culture of corruption and protect the hardworking taxpayers.”