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Democrats Don’t Want To Debate

Just when you think we’ve seen everything from the Democrats, they throw something new at us. Democrats are trying to deny Washingtonians the time-honored opportunity to hear directly from them in a live debate.

First, Governor Inslee is refusing to debate in person and now Kim Schrier is flat-out ignoring Jesse Jensen’s multiple attempts to schedule a debate.

We all know that a debate is the best way to stack up candidates’ visions and platforms so you can decide who best represents you before you cast your ballot – and after what we’ve seen from Democrats so far, I can’t say I am surprised they are afraid to defend their radical record.

We want safety and security, but Democrats want to defund the police.

We want transparency and limited government, but Democrats want to pass bills raising taxes in the middle of the night.

We want what’s good for our communities, but Democrats only want what’s good for them and their special interests.

We have 54 days left to reach every Republican and swing voter, but we can’t do it alone.  I need you to pitch in $10, $25, or even $100 to help our field teams spread the word or we’re destined for a state income tax, more restrictions on our Constitutional rights, and the rest of the Democrats extreme agenda.