So much losing! Democrats in disarray!

June 1, 2017

WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison sent out the following message on Thursday June 1:

To believe the dishonest liberal media, the Republican Party is on its way to extinction, hopelessly divided, and deeply unpopular.  The pro-Democrat media, still whining about losing the presidential election, constantly repeats this narrative, but even they know it is false. 

And on rare occasions, even they admit the truth: it’s the Democrat Party that is in disarray, and in crisis, losing election after election.

Liberal Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat recently wrote an opinion piece entitled “Democrats are supposed to be fighting back, but they just keep losing.”  He let the cat out of the bag: so much losing!  Westneat writes:

“[T]his past week the Democrats showed how they excel, above all, at eluding victory.  Once again they demonstrated how they’re the party that never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.  Somehow the Democrats lost a special election in Montana….”

Westneat asks, “Why are the Democrats … still losing?,” and cites an ABC News poll that “found that 67 percent think Democrats are ‘out of touch’ with regular people.”

Exactly right!  The Democrats are out of touch with the American people, defeated and discouraged, still whining about losing in 2016, and still freaking out about GOP victories!

Let’s continue to spread the Republican message, with even more Republican victories!  To learn about our state’s GOP candidates in 2017, go to

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