DEMS! Entire Seattle City Council Supports Sawant’s May Day Protest

April 26, 2017

Our on-going alerts, DEMS! (Distinctly Embarrassing Moments for Seattle!), highlight the many ways one-party Democrat rule in Seattle has hurt the reputation of the city and our state. Read on!

Seattle has plans for May Day protests and they want to make sure everybody suffers. Rich radical Socialist Kshama Sawant has convinced the Seattle City Council and Mayor to embrace the anti-Trump resistance.

They’re giving the city employees a day off, hoping they will protest the President by shutting down the freeways and even the airport! History proves these types of protests always turn violent, injuring police and innocent citizens while destroying property. City employees would be wise to stay home.

Can someone on the far left explain to the good citizens of the region, how these tactics accomplish ANY good for ANY cause?

May Day has its roots in Communism –100 years of oppressive regimes with 100 million deaths as testimony to its totalitarian ideology. Government sanction of anarchy and violence only adds to Seattle’s deteriorating reputation.

Shame on the Seattle City Council and Mayor Murray for being manipulated by Sawant and her band of Socialists (Communists)! How embarrassing for our great city.

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