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Did You See It?

Did you see our ‘Enough’ ad during the Seahawks game yesterday?  We promised to ramp up our TV ad buy and we wanted to kick it off with a BIG one – check it out below!

Jay Inslee and fellow Democrats have taken advantage of the hardworking people of our great state one too many times and enough is enough. We’re preparing for a second prime time TV ad buy, but in an election year it costs a lot of money to purchase. $35,000 to be exact.

Luckily, we are doing a 2X matching gift challenge from now until November 3 so, if you pitch in $10, it counts as $20.

$50 = $100. $500 = $1,000, and so on. 

With less than 30 days until Election Day, we’re not taking any chances but we need your help to keep up the pressure. Pitch in $10, $50, $100 or even $500 today so we can buy a second prime time ad spot and expose Jay Inslee!