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I-1000 would legalize discrimination and repeal the existing fair law I-200 which was approved by 58% voters over 42%. For the first time in WA history, more than 210,000 voters petitioned within 2 months and successfully put the divisive I-1000 back to the November ballot to give voters a chance to reject it. Learn more.

Initiative 976 was designed to limit annual license fees for vehicles weighing under 10,000 pounds at $30 except voter-approved charges; Base vehicle taxes on the Kelley Blue Book value rather than 85% of the manufacturer’s base suggested retail price; Repeals local Transportation Benefit District (TBD) fees; Repeals the $150 fee on electric vehicles; Repeal authorization for certain regional transit authorities, such as Sound Transit, to impose motor vehicle excise taxes; and Limits certain taxes and fees related to transportation. Learn more.