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Help Us Repeal The Long-Term Care Tax!

Starting January 1, 2022, every employee that works in Washington State will be subject to an uncapped payroll tax that will automatically take .58% out of their paychecks unless they purchased a qualifying private care plan. This new tax is called the Long-Term Care Tax.

This program is incredibly flawed and has been poorly received for many reasons, including that the private care plans needed to opt-out were hard to buy and some of them ended up not even qualifying to opt-out! The deadline to purchase these plans has already passed.

Not only is this a regressive tax on all workers but it actually provides very little “long-term” care at all. The maximum benefit this program can give to an individual is $36,500 over the course of their life, which would cover barely any care for anyone in serious need. Also, any individual who retires out of state will pay into this program as a worker but would not qualify for any of the benefits.

This is why we need your help to qualify Initiative 1436 onto the November 2022 ballot – to give workers the option of not paying this burdensome tax and not paying into another one of the Democrats incompetent big-government programs.

We need to get a total of 325,000 valid signatures on I-1436 before the end of the year and we need your help in our final push to hit this goal!  We need everyone we can get to help gather signatures to qualify the initiative and get us one step closer to repealing this bureaucratic and regressive tax for good!

Sign up here to gather signatures!