How You Can Help Victims of Harvey

August 28, 2017

The suffering from Harvey’s catastrophic flooding and destruction has shown us an amazing display of the human spirit:

  • The sacrifices of first responders to save others
  • The flotilla of volunteers in small boats rescuing the stranded
  • The welcome arms of friends and strangers providing refuge
  • The undaunted spirit of Texans who won’t give up
  • The swift and thorough response by political leaders to provide aid–from local sheriffs to President Trump

A FEMA task force from Pierce County is already in Houston, but many of us also want to help where possible. I personally recommend donating to the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Eventually the rains will stop, the floodwaters will recede and then volunteers from Washington State will join their churches and other groups to send skilled teams to help the victims of Harvey rebuild.

Thank you for your prayers for our fellow Americans in Texas and other states in the path of this devastating storm.

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