Sign the Petition to Oppose Seattle’s Disastrous Income Tax!

July 11, 2017

Join the statewide opposition to an INCOME TAX FOR ALL after the Seattle City Council’s passage of their unconstitutional and illegal new income tax. Go to to sign the petition. Let your opinion count! 

You can read the WSRP’s immediate response to the Seattle City Council’s vote: Read the press release.

While WE told the truth about the new income tax to the citizens of Seattle, leftist friends of the Democrats tried to drown out our opposition voice. Watch the video. 

Why is the so-called “Tax the Rich” scheme really an “Income Tax for All”? Read the Dirty Dozen –12 Reasons Why the Seattle Income Tax is a Disaster. 

Have you signed the petition against an income tax? Do it now at!

Spread the word! Get your friends to sign the petition at 

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