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Inslee Is Playing Political Games, Again

BELLEVUE — The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chairman Caleb Heimlich issued the following statement on Governor Inslee appointing State Senator Steve Hobbs (D – Lake Stevens) to be the interim Secretary Of State for Washington.

“This is a crass political move by Governor Inslee to help pass his radical liberal agenda by removing an obstacle from the State Senate. This is yet another poor appointment by a man who has a long history of making picks based on politics that hurt our state, such as Suzi LeVine. This selection is a complete disservice to the voters who elected an elections professional and now are getting someone with little to no technical experience. It is a shame that Inslee prioritized partisan politics over voter confidence in our electoral system. Thankfully, voters will have a chance to continue the over 50 year trend of selecting capable Republicans to administer our elections next November.”