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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after Washingtonians have overwhelmingly called on Governor Inslee to allow construction work to resume.

“Washingtonians are being unnecessarily punished by Governor Inslee’s decision to prohibit private construction while allowing public construction. This decision is hurting construction workers and their families and negatively impacting our economy. Washingtonians are overwhelmingly calling on the Governor to safely reopen construction, a critical sector of our economy, yet he remains silent.”

“It’s time for Governor Inslee to listen to the growing chorus of voices, from Members of Congress, County Commissioners and local municipalitieseditorial boards, and many individuals who have been negatively impacted by his arbitrary decision. The construction industry should be opened as soon as possible because families across Washington are in need of housing and workers in the industry are able to maintain necessary social distancing while returning to work.”