BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after Washingtonians have overwhelmingly called on Governor Inslee to allow construction work to resume.

“Washingtonians are being unnecessarily punished by Governor Inslee’s decision to prohibit private construction while allowing public construction. This decision is hurting construction workers and their families and negatively impacting our economy. Washingtonians are overwhelmingly calling on the Governor to safely reopen construction, a critical sector of our economy, yet he remains silent.”

“It’s time for Governor Inslee to listen to the growing chorus of voices, from Members of Congress, County Commissioners and local municipalitieseditorial boards, and many individuals who have been negatively impacted by his arbitrary decision. The construction industry should be opened as soon as possible because families across Washington are in need of housing and workers in the industry are able to maintain necessary social distancing while returning to work.”

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Mike Foley · April 15, 2020 at 4:24 am

Where are all the Republican candidates on the issue of Covid response and this lockdown right now? Crickets…

Someone needs to start asking more specific questions abou reopening the State…insisting on consistent application of the rules to the construction industry as you have done, is a good start…it is past time to start critical review of everything coming out of the Gov office…I sent this to the media last night and this is just scratching the surface…especially the statistical models purportedly being used to make decisions with…I’m assuming this is “the Science” we keep hearing the Gov mention…reading through the website, its not clear to me the statistical models have been fully vetted or peer reviewed. Take a look for yourself…maybe get a candidate and a conservative statistician to call a press conference and ask some questions.

Email sent to Komo, Kcpq, and Kiro…and the Gov:

Just a followup…this is a pretty good source to review to inform some solid questions and start reporting on timephasing… I just talked to a first responder and my understanding is this is the principal data consulted by the Gov for decision making…it doesn’t answer questions about who and when on the mandatory deliverables the Gov is requiring though.

And, based on the new “coordinate with Oregon and CA” edict…be interesting to lay each state’s timeline over the other to see how Oregon and CA are going to affect Washingtonians.

On April 14, 2020 at 7:56 PM wrote:

Mark my words…if you don’t start thinking in the following terms and start asking some of these questions, the Governor is going to come out in a week or two and say, without any push back, “sorry folks, May 4th is not a good date to reopen the State and we are going to have to extend it to ????????. This is event creep, scope creep, seat of the pants management creep, whatever you want to call it. And its not going to stop until the media starts asking harder questions and holding government accountable for their timephased performance.

I am deeply concerned, following your reports this evening, that there does not appear to be much of a plan for achieving a reopening and return to some modicum of normal productivity in the the State, as indicated by the Governor’s sound bites and KOMO News queries. Specifically, it does not seem that any of the “requirements to reopen the State” seem to come with any timephased emphasis and no real idea of what specifically each “requirement” looks like…that is what is the acceptance criteria, or green light, for each deliverable.

I heard in your reports (and here I paraphrase), at least 5 deliverables for reopening the State and restoring productivity.
1. Establish contract tracing
2. “Widespread” (not sure what the means) testing for corona virus antibodies;
3. Adequate hospital capacity;
4. Protocol for turning lockdown off and on depending on variations in “The Curve”;
5. “The Curve” flattened or decaying. (Which one?)

I’m not hearing much about the definition of each of these (and any other) deliverables for the Goal of “Opening the State” and so I would request someone start pressing the Governor and staff these or similar timephased and plan/project management questions.

1. What is the detailed acceptance criteria for each of the preceding objectives/deliverables? How do you know when you have established contract tracing, testing, capacity, etc.?
2. Is there a work breakdown structure identifying each task and milestone necessary to achieve these objectives (1-5 above)? What, if any, are the milestones for each of these deliverables (1 through 5 above, and any others we have not heard about yet)? If there are no milestones, how do you know where you are in achieving each objective and how can you make opening or extension decisions without them?
3. Is there a critical path method network or gantt bar chart showing each task and relationship necessary to achieve these deliverables/objectives? Can we have a copy or at least have the Gov post a milestone chart Is there a duration (even if just an estimate) assigned to each one and an acceptance criteria to judge when each is complete? If there is a “timephased project plan” where is it posted—for that matter, where is the War Room for this effort? EOC? Can we see it?
4. Are these tasks and milestone being tracked? Where are we then, on the timeline, and what is the projected opening date? (The “Finished” milestone).
5. What State Agencies are working on these deliverables and this overarching goal of Reopening the State? Is there an integrator (project manager) coordinating and directing their effort (someone besides the Governor)? Can we see the Organization Chart for this effort? Is the Org chart overlayed on a Work Breakdown structure, so each task is assigned to someone accountable for completion?
6. What is the State EOC’s role in achieving this goal (Reopening the State)? County / City EOCs?

As a constituent, relying mostly on network TV reporting for my information, I’m not feeling particularly confident we are on a well managed path to solution…there are just too many contradictions (one glaring example is the Gov’s requirement for more testing (whatever that means) as a criterion for reopening the State and your report that a testing site in Everett is closing down—regardless the reason, this doesn’t strike me as coordinated. If “more testing” is a deliverable for opening the State, how does closing down a test site, support that requirement. How many more instances of counterproductive action exist and, if not coordinated, how can you even began to guess when we will actually Reopen the State. Which also brings to mind…what is the threshold…if you never achieve the above objectives, does this mean we will never reopen the State, or is there an acceptable number of dead out there where we will have no choice? Stark question I know, but its a reality. Or, does the State Admin plan to continue with ambiguity and talk in general terms so they and the Gov have the option to “redefine” the objectives (1 through 5 above and any others we haven’t heard about yet) so they suddenly become “achievable” or “achieved” when public pressure boils over and public patience is finally exhausted? I’d rather see and hear about the plan now.

So…sorry for the length of this, but I don’t think the right questions are being asked; I don’t think there really is a plan, other than to “let the science tell us” whatever that means, and I don’t trust that these psuedo-quarantines (and that is what they are regardless of how you spin them) are being established, based on science…I think they are purposely being rolled out in segments, without a basis, as guesses on what will keep the public from revolting.

So…I can condense this entire note in this question: I’ve heard your goal and objectives so, what are the tasks, what are the milestones, who is responsible for getting each one done, and when will they be completed.?

I really think these are the questions you should be asking now…before its too late and the answers don’t matter…it is time to hold the Governor and staff accountable…

Or we could go ahead and start asking how and why we got to this place? Since I have so much time to write and email like this, maybe I’ll start looking into that.

Thank you.
Mike Foley, Tumwater WA

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