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BELLEVUE – Chairman Caleb Heimlich released the following statement after Governor Inslee signed the $52.4 billion budget into law.

“It’s official, Governor Inslee and Washington Democrats have pushed through their far-left agenda on hardworking taxpayers who are now responsible for picking up the bill.”

“Taking time out of his busy campaign schedule, Inslee signed Washington’s new reckless, unsustainable budget. Increasing spending by over 18% is unnecessary and puts our state’s fiscal and economic future at risk.”

“With record revenue growth, Republicans pushed for tax breaks and a balanced budget to live within our means and even save for a rainy day, but Democrats opted for irresponsibility and big government. Raising taxes by $2.5 billion to support their failed agenda is disrespectful to hardworking Washingtonians, and come 2020, Democrats should not be surprised when voters choose fiscal sanity by electing Republicans.”