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BELLEVUE – Chairman Caleb Heimlich released the following statement concerning Governor Jay Inslee prioritizing his campaign over his Governor’s duties.

“The latest news report from Q13 news highlights how Governor Jay Inslee does not care about his job as Governor or the people of Washington State who elected him.  He has spent at least 60 days in the last three months prioritizing his campaign over the people of Washington State, and frankly, the people deserve better. At no other job in the world could you tell your boss, ‘I am going to be gone 2/3rds of the time, but you have to continue paying me and paying for my security.'”

“At a cost of $4 million dollars for his personal security, and the outright neglect of his duties here in Washington, Governor Inslee’s vanity run for the White House comes at a real cost to hardworking taxpayers of Washington State.”

Today, Q13’s Brandi Kruse reported that “from March 1 to June 1, Governor Inslee spent at least 60 days campaigning. Most of those days – 47 – were spent out of state.”