Send Governor Inslee a message - it’s time to open up our economy!

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Letter to the Governor:

Dear Governor Inslee,

Governor, you are not listening to the people. You have offered no hope and no clear path forward. People are suffering both financially and emotionally under the stress of trying to provide for their families while your regulations and mandates are stifling our economy and livelihoods. Why have you shown no concern for us?

Families and businesses are hurting right now and we need a plan that starts safely right now – yet you refuse to trust Washingtonians to act responsibly.

You need to have faith in fellow Washingtonians and trust them to begin operating their businesses and lives responsibly. With 1 in 5 citizens filing for unemployment, we need swift decisive actions for our economy and the well-being of the citizens of our state.

Please, end this lockdown.


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