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Inslee’s Arrogance Is Getting Worse

BELLEVUE — The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) released the following statement in response to Gov. Jay Inslee insinuating that Tribal Leaders are not “real” if they do not agree with his illegal line-item vetoes:

“Republicans are well versed in Jay Inslee’s arrogant and dismissive approach to all who dare express disagreement with him. Inslee has pretended to not know about CHOP/CHAZ, has accused Republicans of being ok with people dying from the virus, has told reporters that restaurant owners should be happy that he reduced their business, has utilized constitutionally questionable line item vetoes, has arbitrarily paused and un-paused his re-opening plan, and much more” said WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich. “As the saying goes, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. After abusing his unilateral emergency powers unchecked for 15 months, Governor Inslee seems to believe that he can govern as a dictator without being questioned or opposed. After yesterday’s outburst, the rest of the state is clearly realizing that they elected a petty, egocentric person, to the highest elected office in Washington. It is truly unfortunate that Democratic Legislators were unwilling to work with Republican Legislators to reform the emergency powers act as so many states across the country did this year. Sadly for the people of Washington, Inslee wasn’t good enough to get a job in Biden’s administration.”