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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after Governor Jay Inslee announced he’s running for a third term.

“It’s official. Our failed Governor and failed presidential candidate, Jay Inslee, is running for a third term. Americans didn’t want him, and it’s hard to find a reason why Washingtonians would want him back.”

“Prior to this, he has shown us 8 years of crippling mismanagement; out-of-control homelessness, a spiraling opioid epidemic, numerous Department of Corrections scandals, loss of funding for Western State Hospital, horrendous traffic congestion, and the list goes on…Governor Inslee recently proposed $3.7 BILLION in new taxes including a capital gains income tax that voters don’t want. Inslee has spent most of 2019 out-of-state campaigning for a different job while forcing taxpayers to subsidized his vanity run to the tune of $2 million. We deserve a governor who wants the job.”

“Come 2020, Washington voters will have a choice between the condescending, demeaning attitude we’ve seen from Inslee and his fellow Democrats or the common sense, voter-approved agenda from Republicans that puts people first.”