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Inslee’s Running For A Third Term.

Our ubiquitous Governor and failed Presidential candidate just announced that he is running for a third term. Now, more than ever, we need to organize to bring much needed change to Washington State. 

Please donate $20 today to help fund our 2020 effort to reform Washington.

When he was first running for Governor, Jay Inslee said it was not the time to raise taxes. Immediately after his election, he broke his word and raised taxes by billions of dollars. 

In 2018, voters rejected Governor Inslee’s signature proposal of a carbon tax with nearly 56% of voters statewide rejecting his costly idea.

Last session, Inslee moved even further to the left, and proposed $3.7 Billion in new taxes, including a capital gains income tax!

Enough is enough! Washingtonians can’t afford 4 more years of Jay Inslee. Voters are fed up with the status quo, but we need your support to get the message out to voters that Governor Inslee is a self-serving politician who doesn’t represent them. Under Inslee’s leadership our cities have suffered under record-high homelessness and crippling mismanagement. And to top it all off, he forced the taxpayers to subsidize his vanity run for the White House by racking up millions in security costs that he has deliberately chosen not to reimburse. 

With your donation of $20 today, we can show the truth about Governor Inslee and organize in every corner of the state to elect a Republican Governor for the first time in my lifetime!