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Kim Schrier cares more about her own re-election than our nation

BELLEVUE – The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) released the following statement in response to Kim Schrier’s attempt to artificially lower the price of gas five weeks before her election.

“Kim Schrier is putting her own re-election ahead of our nation’s security. It may be a strategic move for the Democrat party to empty our oil and gas reserves but it is not in the strategic interest of the United States to do so. These reserves are meant for emergencies – not a Democrat’s attempt at re-election,” Chairman Caleb Heimlich said.

Rep. Kim Schrier has been desperately trying to distance herself from her own record. This is just the latest desperate attempt to win back the votes she is shedding because of her adamant support of the Pelosi/Biden administration.
  • Kim Schrier recently touted her support for law enforcement, despite voicing her disdain for our ‘racist’ officers just two years ago and voting to defund the police.
  • In another recent ad, Kim Schrier claimed to be ‘standing up’ to the Biden administration – despite her 100% voting record with both Pelosi AND Biden.
  • Most recently, Kim Schrier called on the Biden Administration to further deplete our strategic oil reserves to lower gas prices ahead of the November elections.
Kim Schrier’s lip service to the issues that matter most to 8th District voters is just that – lip service. Her own record dispels any notion of Kim Schrier being an ‘independent,’ she chose to vote 100% of the time with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden instead of standing up for her constituents. The voters will see through her lies in November and should send Republican candidate Matt Larkin to Washington DC to fight for Washington State.