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Kim Schrier is Once Again Lying About Her Record

BELLEVUE – The Washington State Republican Party released the following statement regarding Kim Schrier’s latest ad claiming she voted to increase funding for police.
“In 2020 Kim Schrier voted to cut police funding by $22.2 million through HR 7617 which funded the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants that are used to fund state and local law enforcement.”
“Kim’s new-found support for law enforcement is only a recent phenomenon. In a 2020 election forum, Kim Schrier spoke of her support for anti-police protests and riots occurring across the United States. She stated that ‘the roots between law enforcement and racism date back to the very beginning.’”
This blatant disregard for our officers and the safety they provide our community has resulted in skyrocketing murders, theft, and other violent crimes – both in our state and across the nation.
Kim Schrier can’t, and won’t, get away with supporting radical leftist anti-police rhetoric in 2020, go on to vote 100% with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and now claim to support the police. It’s no wonder that most major law enforcement groups and county sheriffs have endorse Republican candidate Matt Larkin for US Congress.