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Less Than One Week!

We’re less than one week from Election Day and we just wanted to give you a quick reminder to make sure all your boxes were checked!

1.) Have you filled out your ballot?  If you haven’t, please do it right now! This election is critical – we can’t afford to leave any votes on the table. Click here to take a look at our initiative and referendum endorsements for 2019. 

2.) Do you know where your nearest dropbox is?  Don’t worry, we have you covered – if you want to drop your ballot in a dropbox, click here to see where the closest dropbox is. You can also simply drop your ballot in your mailbox as long as it’s postmarked by November 5.

3.) Do you want to stop a barrage of taxes and failed policies that continue to hurt Washingtonians? Then you have to vote to put common sense governing and fiscal responsibility back into our local governments.

4.) Donate to help our Get Out The Vote effort! We’ve been traveling the state, setting up our Republican Unity Network, and our activists and volunteers are working hard to get every Republican to vote – pitch in $5 today to keep our efforts thriving!