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ICYMI – Chairman Heimlich on Q13 Fox

Republicans react to Howard Schultz 2020 ambitions

What do Republicans think of a possible Howard Schultz 2020 run? Caleb Heimlich, chair of the Washington State Republican Party, joined me to discuss that, as well as the larger 2020 picture.

Posted by Brandi Kruse on Monday, January 28, 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Chairman Heimlich Re-Elected Unanimously

For Immediate Release

Sunday, January 20, 2019
Contact: Kyle Fischer
Phone: (425) 460-0570


WENATCHEE – This past weekend, the Washington State Republican Party State Committee unanimously re-elected Caleb Heimlich to serve as Chairman. In addition, Olga Farnam was elected Vice-Chair and Marlene Pfeifer was elected National Committeewoman, filling the vacancy left by the late Fredi Simpson.

“I’m grateful to the Washington State Republican Party State Committee for the unanimous re-election as Chairman. I am excited to continue working to advance our common sense solutions that will benefit the hard working people of Washington State,” said Heimlich.


PRESS RELEASE: Inslee Deals Another Blow To Taxpayers

For Immediate Release

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Contact: Kyle Fischer
Phone: (425) 460-0570


BELLEVUE – Chairman Caleb Heimlich released the following statement in regards to Jay Inslee’s budget proposal.

“Governor Inslee continues to make it clear he is using the taxpayers to bankroll his political ambitions. Today he unveiled another half-baked plan to win favor with liberal Democratic presidential primary voters,” said Heimlich.

“$3.7 billion in new taxes to support a 21 percent increase in unnecessary government spending is just reckless. It is unfathomable that the supposed leader of our state would continue to propose policies that will jeopardize our economic growth. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, hardworking Washingtonians will pay the price for Inslee’s shameless political ambition,” Heimlich stated


WSRP Statement On Head Tax Repeal

For Immediate Release

Monday, June 11, 2018


Bellevue, WA – Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chairman Caleb Heimlich released, the following statement regarding the repeal of the Head Tax.

“Washingtonians are fed up with the Democrats failed polices,” said Chairman Heimlich. “Seattle is rejecting these reckless efforts and the voters will reject Democrats in November. This news is a big win for business and our community, but we have to keep up the fight and get our state back on the right track.”

The Truth About Lisa Brown

For Immediate Release

Friday, May 4, 2018

Collected $360,000 taxpayer funded salary

Bellevue, WA – The Washington State Republican Party is running radio and newspaper ads in Pullman, WA and have setup a website to show Washingtonians who Lisa Brown really is.

“Students and parents deserve to know the truth about Lisa Brown – how she voted to raise tuition 80%, then pocketed a $360,000 taxpayer funded salary at Washington State University,” said Caleb Heimlich, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. “Washington graduates are STILL trying to overcome the mountain of debt caused by Lisa Brown’s votes, and that’s not fair to future generations.”

Additionally, we have placed mobile billboards in Pullman and Spokane (see below), with flyers available. You can visit the website here and download the radio ad here.


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