Fight Governor Inslee’s Energy Tax

Every day the Democratic majority is working to raise your taxes and make Washington less affordable. Democrats have been pushing through an Energy tax that will raise the cost of a gallon of gasoline by 30 cents per gallon and increase your utility rates by 10%!

These proposals show just how out of touch Democrats are with Washingtonians and severely hurt our seniors on fixed incomes, working families trying to make ends meet, and young professionals looking to start their career.

Just look at what these Senators had to say about it:

Senator Bob Hasegawa (D) 11th Legislative District: “Those who can least afford it will be bearing the biggest burden.”

Senator Barbara Bailey (R) Republican Whip 10th Legislative District: “Will make it very difficult for them getting to and from the grocery store, even paying their light bill… this is the wrong thing to do.”

Take Action!

Sign the petition below, and vote Republican in 2018

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