We’ve seen the same language used for over a century in an effort to take more of your hard earned money. 

Proponents of this unnecessary tax claim it will only affect the richest one percent. That is exactly what people said about the Income Tax when it was proposed and it now impacts many middle income families.

Without any new taxes, the state is projected to take in nearly $4.5 BILLION in new revenue for a total of nearly $50.6 BILLION for the 2019-2020 budget, but some Democrats still raised taxes!

Seattle Liberals are advocating raising taxes solely for the sake of raising taxes and satisfying their radical base. Their far-left Seattle-style ideology is literally taking money from your savings and putting Washington’s financial future in jeopardy.

The Legislature has a budget surplus and is in its best starting position in decades. Republicans have shown they can easily write a budget that funds all of our state priorities without raising any new taxes – and have even called for tax cuts! We can fix Governor Inslee’s broken mental health system, address rampant homelessness, combat the opioid epidemic and fund our K-12 education all with existing revenues.

No State Income Tax.

Sign on and tell Governor Inslee and State House and Senate Democrats we don’t want a State Income Tax!