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The legislative session just ended last week and that means campaign season is officially under way!

But first, let’s take a look back at the 2018 Legislative Session. The Democrats didn’t waste any time using their new majority to push their far-left agenda on the people of Washington State. Here are just six examples of the ultra-liberal policies promoted by Jay Inslee and his Democrats in Olympia this year:

  • Number 1: One of the first actions taken by Senate Democrats was to eliminate the two-thirds supermajority required to raise taxes – yes, that’s right, Democrats made it EASIER to raise taxes on Washingtonians.
  • Number 2: House Democrats then proposed a Capital Gains Income Tax, ignoring hard-working Washingtonians and hurting their quality of life.
  • Number 3: Governor Inslee and Senate Democrats attempted to pass a very harmful energy tax that would raise the price of gas by 30 cents per gallon and increase home utility costs by 10 percent. An even more extreme proposal will be on the ballot this November.
  • Number 4: House Democrats passed a bill that bypasses a recent Supreme Court decision; costing home healthcare workers an extra $1,000 per person and costing Washington State $100 million per year – all while lining the pockets of the Democrats’ most powerful special interest group: Big Labor.
  • Number 5: Most recently, Senate Democrats passed a bill that will dismantle our Rainy Day Fund, which puts our state’s future economy in a very dangerous position by design, so they can implement a state income tax.
  • Number 6: With a majority in both the Senate and House, Democrats failed, again, to provide car-tab relief for Washingtonians.

Democrats have made constant attempts to hurt Washington seniors, working families, and young professionals, all while trying to grow government and stifle innovation and economic growth.

We cannot continue to let this happen – and we only need two seats to take back control of Olympia! We need to restore fiscal sanity to our state government, so let’s get organized, get involved, and spread the word!

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