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PATTY MURRAY VOTE ALERT: Patty Murray Votes Against Funding Increase to Combat Crime

Bellevue, WA – Crime is taking over Washington cities and Patty Murray just had a chance to increase funding to combat violent crime and keep repeat offenders off our streets. But she voted AGAINST it.

In the spring of 2020, Senator Murray took to the floor of the Senate and called for funds to be directed away from our law enforcement. Since then, she has voted numerous times against measures that would address the rising crime in Washington’s cities – including a criminal justice reform bill!

Violent crime in Seattle rose 20 percent in 2021 from 2020, marking a 14-year high.

Crime is driving businesses from downtown Seattle, and Washingtonians need a leader who will support our law enforcement and keep violent criminals off our streets. Once again, Patty Murray demonstrated that she will vote with her party over the needs of her constituents every single time.

The best way to hold Patty Murray accountable for this is to vote for Tiffany Smiley this November.